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The Bitcoin Bubble

  1. A Trader Nicknamed ‘BearWhale’ Is Freaking Out the Bitcoin MarketsBy selling $9 million worth of Bitcoin all at once.
  2. The 5 Stages of Bitcoin GriefDenial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance on the crypto-currency message boards.
  3. Bitcoin Gets a Visit From the Tax ManThe IRS just ruled that Bitcoin counts as property, not currency.
  4. Alleged Bitcoin Creator Says He Can’t Even Afford Internet AccessSatoshi Nakamoto lawyers up.
  5. The Hijacking of Satoshi NakamotoBitcoin’s biggest mistake was turning from a technology into a movement.
  6. the bitcoin bubble
    After Newsweek Reveal, Man Insists He Isn’t Bitcoin’s CreatorHe’s never heard of “Bitcom,” or is pretty good at pretending.
  7. the bitcoin bubble
    Newsweek Says It Has Unmasked the Mysterious Founder of Bitcoin (Updated)His name is … Satoshi Nakamoto?
  8. The Doomsday Cult of BitcoinHow a crypto-currency became a millenarian religion.
  9. Bitcoin Mogul Arrested for Money LaunderingBitInstant CEO Charlie Shrem is going downtown.
  10. How Bitcoin Can Go Mainstream, in One Easy StepDitch the speculators. What Bitcoin needs is to become an invisible money wire.
  11. ‘Bitcoin Savings and Trust’ Was a Ponzi SchemeIt was run by a guy named “Pirate.”
  12. I Sold a Bitcoin: Why I’m Quitting the Virtual Currency GameAnd what I learned in my week of currency speculation.
  13. The Bitcoin Apocalypse Is NighSell! Sell! Sell!