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  1. music videos
    The Blaze Are Making the Best Music Videos AroundFor the past few years, the Blaze have been making incredible music videos to accompany their songs, and now they’re playing live.
  2. Now the Blaze Is Counter-Suing Tomi LahrenThe Blaze’s lawsuit claims Lahren mistreated staff and made unauthorized media appearances.
  3. politics
    Tomi Lahren Speaks Out About Getting Banned From the Blaze“It’s my job, it’s my life. Without that, I feel lost.”
  4. lawsuits
    Conservative Pundit Tomi Lahren Is Suing the Blaze for Wrongful Termination“She’s like an eagle that feels like it’s had its wings clipped,” her lawyer said.
  5. women in politics
    The Blaze Has Permanently Banned Tomi LahrenThe suspension is permanent.
  6. politics
    Tomi Lahren Reportedly Suspended From the Blaze After Saying She’s Pro-ChoiceThe conservative pundit’s boss was not happy with her pro-choice stance.
  7. cable news news
    Glenn Beck Begging to Get Back on TVHe’s starting a nine-month campaign to convince carriers.
  8. media
    Glenn Beck Re-Launching, Re-Locating The BlazeWhere could this infuriating new building be?
  9. journalism
    Bono Impersonator Trumps ‘Basic Shoeleather Journalism’A fake version of the U2 singer fooled a reporter, Breitbart.com, and The Blaze.
  10. gold bugs
    There’s Gold in Them Thar Downward-Sloping MarketsHow did gold bugs react to today’s soaring prices?
  11. glenn beck
    Glenn Beck Launches a News and Opinion WebsitePrimed to become the “conservative Huffington Post.”