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  1. the city
    SPECIAL REPORT: NYPD’s Mental-Illness Response BreakdownAs 911 calls reporting emotionally disturbed people double in a decade, training lags and a key response team is shut out of the emergency system.
  2. the city
    City Seeks to Move Mentally Ill Inmates to HospitalsOfficials are exploring creating “therapeutic” units for inmates with complex medical needs. But who will run the units is being closely watched.
  3. the city
    A Taste of Justice for Food Vendors Whose Carts Were Trashed by CityHundreds cited for selling without permits will receive compensation for seized wares as officials promise reforms. Still, fear — and fines — persist.
  4. the city
    As Hudson Yards Rises, Broken Subway Escalators Make for Steep ClimbsThe $2.4 billion 34th Street–Hudson Yards station is plagued by three of the ten most failure-prone subway escalators in Manhattan, records show.
  5. the city
    Sprint to Eliminate Cash Bail Raises Tough ChoicesLawmakers and DAs are at odds over who can be held in jail before trial, as Governor Cuomo presses to pass a bill by April 1.
  6. the city
    Chirlane McCray’s Program Struggles to Recruit and Retain Key StaffThe First Lady’s ThriveNYC has seen scores of social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists leave its largest program before their commitment’s up.
  7. the city
    City Jails Sued Over Brooklyn Man’s Untreated Health WoesLloyd Haynes says he was ignored as he suffered from rare intestinal condition while in the Tombs and Rikers. He’s seeking $90 million in damages.
  8. the city
    New NYCHA Monitor Bart Schwartz Clashed With the SECThe man tapped by the Feds to oversee public housing quit a receivership job in 2017 amid concerns over fees and a potential conflict of interest.
  9. the city
    New NYCHA Monitor’s Strange Political BedfellowsFederal officials’ pick to oversee public housing has links to Andrew Cuomo, Rudy Giuliani — and controversial activist Lenora Fulani.
  10. the city
    Interview With the Amazon SlayerThe nomination of State Senator Mike Gianaris to a powerful post was the beginning of the end for HQ2. His next target: vast corporate tax breaks.
  11. the city
    Shafted: NYCHA Elevator Chief SuspendedPosters went up barring Ivo Nikolic from NYCHA properties in an ongoing probe into elevator maintenance in the city’s sprawling public housing system.
  12. the city
    20 Years After NYPD Killing of Amadou Diallo, What’s Changed?The 1999 Bronx shooting of the unarmed African immigrant sparked protests and lawsuits. But has there been progress over the past two decades?
  13. Hunter’s Point South: NYC’s Newest Park Redeems a WastelandHunter’s Point South furnishes us huddled masses with a romantic, poetic landscape, full of choreographed surprises.
  14. The New Ferry Fleet Will Be Delightful, and Is Also a Huge MistakeSix hundred million dollars is way too much for such a tiny number of riders.
  15. the city
    Think Manhattan’s DA Goes Easy on the Rich? Look at How He Prosecutes the Poor.Cyrus Vance Jr., who styles himself a progressive reformer, is actually far more punitive toward poor and minority defendants than his counterparts.
  16. Superhuman City: A Walk Through Hudson YardsHudson Yards, a mega-neighborhood built from scratch, comes into view.
  17. the city
    What New York Should Learn From the Park Slope Crash That Killed Two ChildrenMost of these not-really-accidental events are preventable by steps more powerful than telling people to “be careful.”
  18. the city
    What Is a City Street? And What Will It Become?Fewer cars, some of them driverless, and more space for everything else.
  19. Governor Cuomo Saved the Hudson River Floating ParkCanceled last month, plans for the park are back on.
  20. That Plan for a Floating Park on the Hudson River? It’s DeadMedia mogul Barry Diller has withdrawn his support after years of litigation that tied up Pier55, effectively killing the project.
  21. tiny beautiful things
    You May Approach Olivia Palermo for a Bobby PinIf you need one.
  22. The Megatowers Are Coming to East MidtownA proposed zoning change to the area near Grand Central is set to remake the neighborhood for decades. But at what cost?
  23. How an Overlooked Urban Design Feature Helped Stop the Times Square DriverIt’s time to start thinking more aggressively about protecting people on foot in cities.
  24. New York City Has Another Record-Low Crime MonthMurders are down about 13 percent compared to this time last year.
  25. trump town girls
    How Donald Trump Ruined His Own Reality ShowThe sexist Trump Town Girls had one major problem: Trump.
  26. Five Big NYC Parks Are Getting $30 Million Each for UpgradesOne in each of the boroughs.
  27. The Mayor’s Brooklyn-Queens Streetcar Plan Gets a CzarAn ex-Canadian politician and brief Toronto mayoral candidate will lead the unfunded fantasy project.
  28. the city
    The Day-Biting, Disease-Spreading Asian-Tiger Mosquito Is HereThis indiscriminate insect is out for your blood.
  29. New York’s New Streetlights Are Robbing Nighttime of Its RomanceThe firelight yellow of sodium-vapor streetlights is giving way to the clinical pallor of light-emitting diodes.
  30. Gay Synagogue Gets a New HomeCongregation Beit Simchat Torah’s new home crams so much meaning into a modest space.
  31. hack the city
    Welcome to the Age of Shadowless Skyscrapers New building designs cast soft, glare-free pools of light instead of patches of darkness.
  32. See New York City Through the Eyes of a Tabloid MasterImages from Andrew Savulich’s new collection The City, just out from Steidl.
  33. the outer boroughs
    What Is the Bronx, Anyway?New York’s most elusive borough lags far behind in the city’s identity sweepstakes. But why?
  34. In Queens, City’s New I.D. Card Offers Promise, and a Few ProblemsWhat the end of the first application day looked like at the Flushing Branch of the Queens Library.
  35. Civil-Rights Attorney Sanford Rubenstein Won’t Be Charged in Rape CaseThe Manhattan district attorney is declining to prosecute.
  36. Shootings Are Up, But NYC Still on Pace to Have Lowest Murder Rate EverGood news and bad.
  37. Mayor De Blasio Doubles Down on Taxing the RichHis first State of the City made it clear that remained his overriding goal.
  38. The City
    Tom Colicchio’s ‘Only in New York’ MomentHe doesn’t miss a beat.
  39. slash jobs
    Olivia Palermo Will Launch Her Own Fashion Line on Her New ShowAre you really that surprised?
  40. inner city life
    Allie Crandell Can’t Model for Revolve Until She’s a ‘Healthier Size’The website is concerned about her weight.
  41. back to reality
    Olivia Palermo Confirms That She’s Doing Her Own TV ShowShe made the announcement via Elle.com. How loyal of her!
  42. party lines
    Kelly Cutrone Has a New MTV Show and Syndicated Daytime Show in the WorksWill she finally become the next Oprah?
  43. inner city life
    Whitney Port Confesses That The City Has Been CanceledWell, this is great news for ‘Elle.’
  44. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Mint Juleps and Droopy Models at Whitney EvePort and Brod did throw a nice party.
  45. show and tell
    Reality-TV Stars Love Them Some Jill StuartBrought to you by Brad Goreski, two Kardashian sisters, and the cast of ‘The City.’
  46. exclusive
    Whitney Port to Act in Web SeriesVulture hears Port has been cast in ‘Hollywood Is Like High School With Money,’ a new scripted, web-only series from ‘Gossip Girl’ producer Alloy Entertainment.
  47. inner city life
    The City Producers Are Supposedly ‘Desperate’ for New Story Lines for Olivia PalermoLike, something involving her love life.
  48. inner city life
    The City Recap: Destiny Is Not an Express Train to an Office Where Everything Is PinkIf this was the series’ last episode, it was a pretty good one.
  49. inner city life
    The City Recap: Roxy Has Had It With Whitney’s Diva BehaviorAnd she’s holding strong on her promise to move out.
  50. loose threads
    Stephanie Pratt May Join The City; Miu Miu’s Fall Campaign RevealedPlus, Repetto and Commes des Garçons to collaborate on a line of pumps.
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