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  1. broadway
    Laurie Metcalf and John Lithgow Will Play Hillary and Bill Clinton on BroadwayIn Lucas Hnath’s fictionalized take on the couple, Hillary and Clinton.
  2. 2016 Is the Latest Bump in the Long Clinton-Bush FriendshipNow that Jeb and Hillary are both in, the presidential pals are officially rivals again.
  3. The Clintons Managed to Avoid a Tony Rodham ScandalThough Hillary’s brother would “hound” Bill for help with his project in Haiti.
  4. The Clinton Foundation’s Behind-the-Scenes Battle With a Charity Watchdog GroupAfter landing on a high-profile watch list, the Clinton group is fighting to recover its good name.
  5. ‘Clinton Cash’ Inspires a Few Conservatives to Defend Clinton The people defending Hillary Clinton after questions about the Clinton Foundation’s finances.
  6. the clintons
    Clinton Foundation Says It ‘Made Mistakes,’ But Bribery Wasn’t One of ThemThe lack of evidence didn’t prevent Newt Gingrich from accusing the Clintons of “clearly illegal” behavior.
  7. the clintons
    Did Hillary Back Foreign Deals Due to Clinton Foundation Donations?New reports raise lots of questions, but so far there’s no proof.
  8. motherhood
    Chelsea Clinton Talks About Motherhood and Her Mom in Next Month’s ElleGuess who she’s calling a “chunky monkey creature”!
  9. If Hillary Is Elected, We Can Call Bill ‘Adam’And brace ourselves for lots more dad humor.
  10. Why Political Dynasties Are Good for WomenWomen candidates need a nudge.
  11. How Well Does the Clinton Brand Still Play in the Conservative South?Tough midterm races for Democrats are testing the brand.
  12. Clintons’ ‘Royal Baby’ Steals Real Royal Baby’s Style, Tabloids AllegeCharlotte Clinton Mezvinsky wore white while exiting the hospital, just like Prince George.
  13. New York Post Welcomes Clinton BabyWe wouldn’t expect anything less. 
  14. Chelsea Clinton’s Baby Is Here, and She Didn’t Name It Liam [Updated]Clinton and husband Marc Mezvinsky went with Charlotte.
  15. Politico Picks a Name for Chelsea Clinton’s BabyBased on the top names in Iowa and New Hampshire.
  16. Chelsea Clinton Gets Paid a Lot to Speak, TooBut she doesn’t keep it.
  17. Hillary: College Speaking Fees Go to FoundationShe’s donated a year and a half’s worth to the Clinton Foundation.
  18. Clintons Avoid Estate Taxes Despite Support for Estate Taxes Those loopholes can be pretty irresistible.
  19. Clinton Says Family Was ‘Dead Broke’ in 2000She and Bill were “dead broke” when they left the White House.
  20. Clinton Smashed Mirror Over Qatar’s World CupAnd then he may have gotten even. 
  21. Chelsea Clinton’s Mother-in-Law Loses House BidThe Clinton dynasty isn’t unstoppable.
  22. Monica Lewinsky Is Finally BackIt’s time to stop “tiptoeing around my past — and other people’s futures.”
  23. Chelsea Clinton Is Pregnant!America’s version of a royal baby cometh.
  24. Bill Clinton Does a Hillary Impersonation on TwitterIt’s an April Fool’s prank, we hope.
  25. Kimmel Asks Clinton About 2016, Gets SelfieIt’s better than nothing, sort of.
  26. chelsea clinton's fomo
    Chelsea Clinton Pretends She Didn’t Have White House FOMONo parties.
  27. The Most ’90s Moments in the New Clinton Document DumpThousands of emails and memos from the Clinton White House are now public.
  28. Rand Paul: Forget the ‘War on Women,’ Let’s Talk About Monica LewinskyAnd how Bill Clinton treated her.
  29. Bill Clinton Will Swear In Bill De Blasio You should have gotten those inauguration tickets when you had the chance.
  30. Now Chelsea Clinton Is Being Pressured to Run for President TooPresumably after making the Clintons grandparents.
  31. Hanging Out With the Clintons Not As Fun As Political Junkies Might ThinkWe don’t talk about ‘politics’ politics as much as people think,” says Bill.
  32. Huma Abedin’s Murky Role at State Department Under ScrutinyThe scope of her four Clinton-related jobs is unclear.
  33. The Clintons Had Trouble With Their East Hampton Security DepositBut they “didn’t make a fuss about it.”
  34. Clinton Team Quietly Helps Weiner Campaign They still hate Anthony, but won’t abandon Huma.
  35. Do the Clintons Want Anthony Weiner to Quit the Mayoral Race?Entirely possible.
  36. People Are Willing to Pay Hillary Clinton a Lot of Money to Speak to ThemTalks go for $200,000 a pop.
  37. Chelsea Clinton Is the James Franco of Presidential KidsShe has yet another job.
  38. Clintons to New Yorkers: Stop Trying to Drag Us Into Your Mayoral ElectionThey won’t be running, or telling you who to vote for.
  39. Paul Ryan Praises Clinton, But Which One?Either way, it proves that he’s very committed to sniping at President Obama.
  40. Bill Clinton Will Hang Out With You, for a PriceHow else will he get the $73,000 to pay off Hillary’s debt?
  41. Bill Clinton Still Has No Idea Whether Hillary Will Run for President He does have some ideas about the 47 percent, though. 
  42. Chappaqua Braces for Clintons’ DepartureLocals fret over their post–State Department plans.
  43. Bill Clinton Will Be ‘Happy’ If Hillary Runs for PresidentAnd he’ll be happy if she doesn’t, too! 
  44. Bill Clinton Is Going to Try So Hard to Not Upstage Chelsea at Her WeddingBut I may not be able to do it.”
  45. the clintons
    Chance to Spend ‘a Day in New York’ With Bill Clinton Just a Donation AwayAn effort to make up the $771,000 in debt owed by Hillary after failed presidential bid.
  46. Chelsea Clinton Put Her Father on a Wedding DietTo be fair, it is a summer wedding.
  47. Hassan Nemazee Fooled Banks TwiceAt least!
  48. Dick Morris Is Still Mad at the ClintonsThe Clintons’ consultant turned tormentor talks to us about his new book, ‘Fleeced,’ and why he’s still so ticked off at his old employers.