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‘The Closer’: Brenda's Off the Wagon

Last night’s episode of The Closer delivered not only an engrossing, hard-to-solve case involving the poolside murder of an in-demand Orange County divorce lawyer (police procedural gold!) but also a hefty dose of Brenda Johnson’s Personal Life, resulting in a satisfying double-whammy that will undoubtedly get legions of viewers back in front of the tube next week for the second half of the episode.

‘The Closer’: We Will Not Be Sated by a Shower Scene

Note to The Closer’s writers: Just because you finally dropped the early-menopause bomb and delivered a super-gory episode last week doesn’t mean you should hand things over to the interns and go out for cocktails.

‘The Closer’: Mummy Arms and Whipped Cream

Last week’s premiere of The Closer kicked off the season with a triple-homicide bang and a jarring new handheld shooting style. They’ve thankfully ditched the technique this time around, so we’re brought back into the regular swing of things — which in Priority Murder Squad deputy chief Brenda Johnson’s nervous, fluttery world includes the discovery by construction workers of a mummified corpse, the presumed murder victim of a gangbanger turned politico who’s in cahoots with a corrupt preacher-man. Whew! This is truly the stuff of which gripping police procedurals are made.