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The Cuddle Muddle

  1. David Johnson Just Wants to Be Treated Like Everybody ElseThis is so unfair!
  2. Governor Paterson Starts Wearing Kabbalah Bracelet About Eighteen Months Too LateIt helps to ward off problems.
  3. David Johnson Reportedly Pleads the Fifth in Both Paterson-Related InquiriesFormer Paterson aide refuses to speak in domestic-abuse and Yankee-ticket investigations.
  4. David Paterson Does Best When People Aren’t WatchingOn the radio!
  5. Little Progress in Paterson Aide InvestigationJudge says team is ‘just plugging ahead.’
  6. Paterson: ‘I’ll Take a Furlough!’Oh, no, honey. Don’t go there.
  7. Governor Paterson Immediately Rescinds Totally Defensible Staff RaisesWe’re going to do what is not the right thing.”
  8. David Paterson Vents to the JournalIt’s kind of like being in quicksand,” he says of the job.
  9. Times: Paterson Helped Draft Statement for Booker to EndorseGovernor was reportedly “disappointed” by her refusal to use his statement.
  10. Paterson’s Head of Security Was Just So Concerned About Sherr-Una BookerBut he spent a lot of time worrying about David Johnson too.
  11. The Times Found Out About Paterson’s Phone Call on Its Own, Thank You Very MuchThe paper says Paterson was not their source.
  12. Governor Paterson Is Even Worse at Cover-ups Than We RealizedPaterson says he was the original source for the bombshell that ended his campaign.
  13. Another Paterson Aide Jumps ShipPaterson’s press secretary was involved in the Sherr-una Booker scandal.
  14. Governor Paterson Sends Kirsten Gillibrand an Ominous WarningHe’s out from under the bus (apparently), and is taking aim at those who put him there.
  15. Paterson Could Be Off the Hook in Yankees ScandalE-mails produced by his lawyer indicate he was invited to the World Series game.
  16. Ed Koch Insists That Governor Paterson’s Resignation Is ComingWill Paterson resign in the next couple of weeks?
  17. In Spite of It All, Paterson Still Has Sense of Humor at Atlantic Yards GroundbreakingI thought I was at my own funeral for a moment.”
  18. Smith: Timing of Cuomo’s Investigation Recusal SuspiciousEven though Cuomo claims it has nothing to do with recent poll numbers showing his lowered approval numbers.
  19. Cuomo Passes the Buck on Paterson InvestigationIt comes at a bad time, see.
  20. This Whole Mess the State Is In Is Really Hard on David Paterson’s DadBut he has his son’s back!
  21. Governor Paterson’s Blindness Finally Works in His FavorHow Paterson’s vision problems are causing problems for Cuomo’s investigation.
  22. Second New York State Police Chief Quits in Two WeeksActing superintendent steps down a week after his predecessor does.
  23. Paterson Won’t Be ‘Daunted or Distracted,’ Resolves to Finish TermAnd Brooklyn church crowd cheers!
  24. Inside David Paterson’s Path to PowerSure, the Spitzer campaign heard he was a “hard partier.” Problem was, they didn’t know what that meant.
  25. Governor Paterson Getting Ready to Flee the Country?Nah, we’re just kidding. Maybe, though!
  26. Black Leaders Still United Behind Paterson, in a Fractured Sort of WayAl Sharpton, for one, seems to have his doubts.
  27. This Is What the Governor’s Life Has Turned IntoIt doesn’t look very fun.
  28. Paterson’s Communications Director Has Had EnoughPeter Kaufmann is the third high-profile resignation in the past week.
  29. New Scandal-Tainted State Police Chief Takes Over for Old Scandal-Tainted State Police ChiefNothing like a fresh start.
  30. Another Hapless Cover-up Gets Governor Paterson in More Legal TroubleThis time, it was all because of some free Yankee tickets.
  31. Some People Don’t Yet Realize That They Want Paterson to ResignAs they learn more, though, they probably will.
  32. State Police Chief Abruptly Resigns Amid Paterson ScandalSecond law-enforcement official to step down in past week.
  33. At Least One New York Black Leader Paints Paterson Downfall in Racial TermsAs an African-American who knows this nation’s history, I can understand it.”
  34. Times: Paterson ‘Personally Directed’ State Employees to Contact AccuserFirst evidence that governor was directly involved in abuse case.
  35. The Accidental Takedown: How the Times Undid David PatersonWhy the story that led to the governor’s resignation today couldn’t have been the one that started widespread media rumors a month ago.
  36. David Paterson: ‘I Cannot Run for Office and Try to Run the State’s Business at the Same Time’The governor just officially announced that he will not run for his office again.
  37. David Paterson Set to Announce He Won’t Run for ReelectionHe’ll make the announcement later today.
  38. Governor Paterson Pretty Much Has Zero SupportCalls grow for him to step down, or to at least end his reelection bid.
  39. Paterson Won’t Drop Reelection Bid Yet, Keeping ‘Open Mind’Governor speaks publicly at brief press conference tonight.
  40. Paterson’s Snowballing Problems: A Boon for Cuomo, But Another Bust for State TroopersWhy are they always wrapped up in these things?
  41. Paterson Kind of Makes the Case for Himself to Step DownCan he do his job at this point?
  42. Governor Paterson Is Like Teflon ... to Democratic PoliticiansHis Sunday was awkward in more than one way.
  43. Real Paterson Bombshell Story Still Lacks Drug-Fueled Alien OrgiesIt still makes him look like a pretty bad governor, though.
  44. Governor Paterson Being Investigated for Non-Salacious ThingsBut potentially more-illegal things.
  45. Governor Paterson Immediately Lowers ExpectationsHe doesn’t need to get his ethics proposals passed, you see. He just needs to say them, out loud.
  46. Paterson’s State of the State Shows a Governor Finally Learning From His MistakesBut still, it felt like a holding action on behalf of the beleaguered governor.
  47. Governor Paterson Prepares to Pummel New York With Kitchen Sink of EthicsPaterson will propose a slew of bold reform proposals in his State of the State speech tomorrow.
  48. David Paterson Rolls DeepHis State Police security detail is larger than that devoted to protecting Long Island.
  49. the cuddle muddle
    Governor Paterson Breaks the 40 Percent Barrier!!!How high can he go!?!
  50. Governor Paterson Gets a Good Poll, RelativelyHe’s still losing to Cuomo by a ton, though.
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