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  1. unconventional wisdom
    What If Office-Holiday-Party Hookups Are Actually Great?Forget the conventional wisdom. Here’s a couple whose sloppy office hookup ended in marriage.
  2. The Daily Beast Officially Sheds Newsweek, Lays Off 20Still roaring.
  3. The Daily Beast Not Dead, the Daily Beast ReportsThe site is funded through 2014.
  4. Brown Made Staffers Write for Foundation’s SiteSources also say she traded ad and editorial space for donations.
  5. Daily Beast Will ‘Roar’ at Least Until OctoberThen it might be for sale.
  6. Tina Brown Is on Her Way Out at the Daily Beast [Updated]The future of the site is uncertain, according to a new report.
  7. The Daily Beast Isn’t Going to Be Profitable Anytime SoonThe Tina Brown–led site might lose as much as $12 million this year.
  8. Newsweek/Daily Beast Loses CEOTough times.
  9. Why in the World Would Anyone Buy Newsweek?It could happen.
  10. Howard Kurtz Out at the Daily Beast After Awful Jason Collins Column [Updated]The Daily Beast retracted it.
  11. Andrew Sullivan Raking It in Because He’s Andrew SullivanPeople are paying up early because he’s a massive brand.
  12. Editorial Director Mark Miller Leaving Tina Brown at NewsweekThe top editor’s No. 2 is out in the all-digital shift.
  13. Blake Gopnik Laid Off at NewsweekAnother victim of Tina Brown’s axe. 
  14. Robin Givhan Among Layoffs at NewsweekSome of the company’s biggest names have been affected by the restructuring.
  15. It’s Layoff Day at Newsweek and the Daily BeastThe all-digital restructuring is under way.
  16. Newsweek Ending Print Magazine, Going All Digital in 2013Editor-in-chief Tina Brown announced the huge changes today.
  17. Newsweek Is Not Going Online-Only Just YetBut Barry Diller indicated that it could happen soon-ish.
  18. Newsweek No Longer Has Sidney Harman’s BillionsIAC has taken over a controlling stake.
  19. David Frum Joining Tina Brown at NewsweekThe former George W. Bush speechwriter is leaving his own site behind to join Tina Brown.
  20. Newsweek Loses Publisher, Managing EditorThe Tina Brown publication is still struggling.
  21. Simon Doonan: The Daily Beast’s Commenters Are Way Bitchier Than Slate’sThey’re, like, personal attacks.”
  22. the other side of sumner
    Sumner Redstone Delighted to Be Accused of Bribery“Sumner wants to be consequential. Sumner is really proud of what he did. This guy is loving it … He likes people to know he’s still alive.”
  23. Scandal: Online Journalist Pastes Portions of Someone Else’s Story Into OwnVeteran journalist Gerald Posner acknowledged today that he copied five sentences from a Miami ‘Herald’ article this week.
  24. Menus
    One Market Offers An Animal A WeekThe new Daily Beast menu features every part of a different animal every Friday
  25. Tina Brown to Go Back Into Book PublishingShe has a new plan this time.
  26. Sheryl Weinstein’s Cuckholded Husband: Bernie’s Small Penis Made Him a SociopathThere, he said it.
  27. Meghan McCain Just As Surprised by Her Notoriety As Everyone ElseAfter months of striving for attention, McCain doesn’t altogether like it.
  28. Media Survives Friday the 13th … So FarToday in media news.
  29. The Media Is Twittering Away Its Short Time on EarthThe day in media news.
  30. Bad News for Books. And Newspapers. And Magazines. And Websites.Yeah, this week is getting ugly.
  31. Sweet Justice for ‘Old Magazine Hack’ Tina BrownBrown’s Daily Beast surpassed webemy Michael Wolff’s Newser in its first month. Nonny-nonny boo-boo.
  32. make it work
    Tina Brown Punked by Jay McCarrol (With One L)Jay McCarroll’s design for the Daily Beast was actually by musician Jay McCarrol whom the Daily Beast contacted by mistake.
  33. Philadelphia ‘Daily News’ Sends Cease-and-Desist Letter to Daily BeastThe Philly paper was not flattered by the Daily Beast’s logo imitation.
  34. The Daily Beast Will Bring You Resuscitated Celebrity ProfilesJennifer Lopez once had a nervous breakdown! How do we know? Because Tina Brown published a profile of her that another publication once killed.
  35. The ‘Beast’ Has Awoken!Tina Brown’s IAC-sponsored news aggregator and blog launched last night — and it’s not the Huffington Post Redux.
  36. Tina Brown Resurrects Waugh’s ‘Daily Beast’Her new Website venture will take the name of the British scribe’s famous literary newspaper. But does this tell us anything new about the secretive site?