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The Downturnaround

  1. Merrill Lynch Acquisition Finally Paying Off for Bank of AmericaSomewhere, Ken Lewis is saying “I told you so.”
  2. Record-Breaking Rental in BridgehamptonAn unknown buyer has plonked down $500,000 for two weeks at “the Sandcastle.”
  3. Hamptons Couple Tires of Old McMansion, Decides to Build New OneA good sign for the economy, or a bad sign for our souls?
  4. Rich People to Reclaim Their Position Above the Rest of UsIn private aircraft, that is.
  5. The Hummer Is Dead, Long Live the HummerOne day, we will be nostalgic for even the worst of the aughts.
  6. International Tourists Don’t Know What ‘Recession’ MeansShh, no one tell them.
  7. Bob Benmosche Is an Equal Opportunity BullyThe Downturnaround is heartened to see that Andrew Cuomo isn’t the only person the new AIG CEO is talking tough to.
  8. Foodienomics
    How Many Restaurants Closed This Year?
  9. Ford Needs to FocusFord has been running a public-relations campaign promoting their lack of reliance on the government. But so far, it sounds pretty weak.
  10. We Like the New GM Ad and We’re Not Ashamed to Admit ItIt’s not fashionable to say anything nice about the American car companies, but Hugo Lindgren does not like the alternative.
  11. The Downturnaround’s Top 10 Websites for Making Your Own Prediction About Economic RecoveryIf not for the blogosphere, Hugo Lindgren would just be a lost soul searching for a breadline to join.
  12. The Good Times Are Over, Long Live the Okay TimesSo you have to trade your filet for a ham sandwich. Big deal.
  13. Why New York City Won’t PopPundits and economic forecasters love coming up with elaborate scenarios for how New York City will meet its doom. The Downturnaround defies them all.
  14. All Hail the LowballerHow the battle of wills between real-estate vultures and steadfast property owners will help the market.
  15. The Dowturnaround’s Plan to Save Herald Square (and the World)Presents for everyone!
  16. The Downturnaround Keeps Its Head When Everyone Around It Is Losing TheirsYes, the car companies are disintegrating, people are sinking their own boats, and major architectural landmarks are going for half price. But Hugo Lindgren spots a few glimmers of hope.
  17. end of days
    Recession Rocks Pyramid Prize ValuesWouldn’t you hope to win a little more than $25,000 playing the ‘Pyramid’?
  18. The Downturnaround Is Long NebraskaHugo Lindgren ponders heartland values, in his semi-regular digest of non-depressing economic news.
  19. The Downturnaround Believes in One WorldLet’s get together and feel all right about the economy.
  20. In Which the Downturnaround Is Tested and Keeps Its FaithTimes are dark, but today, a Saint brought us into the economic light.
  21. The Day the Street Split OpenWe thought it was over. The Infrastructure was crumbling! And then …
  22. Why Going Rambo Won’t Save Us From the Financial CrisisMore arguments against pessimism porn.
  23. Barbie: A Beacon of Hope in a Turbulent WorldYour semi-regular digest of not-so-terrible economic news.
  24. The Downturnaround Kills Its IdolsEven the best financial minds of our time have made mistakes.
  25. The Stephon Marbury Model of Economic RecoveryEven the Knicks’ most toxic asset looks good next to the banks!
  26. Niall Ferguson: ‘People Just Have to Get Over the Fact That Their Wealth Wasn’t Worth What They Thought It Was’In which a famed demon of doom gets over himself.
  27. Black Swan Author Nassim Taleb Has Run Out of Highly Improbable Things to SayThe author of ‘The Black Swan’ opines on Wall Street bonuses.
  28. Dr. Doom Sees an End to the MiseryWe think this is a good sign?
  29. the downturnaround
    The Consumer Spirit Continues to EndureAin’t no recession going to keep us from our sausage, or our Louis Vuitton.
  30. Paul Krugman and David Brooks Disagree on the DownturnaroundThe ‘Times’ columnists duel, using metaphors as weapons.
  31. The Tide Is High, But the Downturnaround Is Holding OnSure, the markets are tanking, but the Noels are still lunching, and a bank in New York is actually HIRING. And other things to feel hopeful about, in our semi-regular digest of good economic news.
  32. How the Financial Crisis Is Good for New YorkAll that stuff you’ve been thinking about the artists coming back is true! At least according to one noted scholar.
  33. Rock and Roll Is Recession-ProofIn today’s digest of good economic news: Hedge funds get back on the plus side, Nate Silver applies his magical mind to the economy, and rock and roll plays so loud it can’t even hear the recession.
  34. There’s a Guy in Times Square Giving Away Free MoneyAnd it’s not the Naked Cowboy, or Steve Schwarzman suffering a psychotic break.
  35. A Ray of Sunshine in a Land of CloudsIs that Hopium we smell?
  36. Henry Blodget Is Smoking the Hopium!The Silicon Alley Insider dares to get happy.
  37. How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Credit Default SwapsHooray! It’s time for the Downturnaround, your dose of economic news that ISN’T despairingly negative!
  38. Why ‘the Worst Since…’ Is Actually Not That BadAnd is actually kind of good.
  39. Introducing the DownturnaroundA digest of economic news that ISN’T despairingly negative!