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  1. Janet Yellen ‘Dehydrated’ After Speech; Fed Chair, Economy Both OkayShe said she expects the Fed to raise interest rates by the end of this year.
  2. the money
    Will the New Concierge Economy Mean the End of the Errand?Maybe outsourcing errands to an app will prove as liberating as a washing machine.
  3. Is the Fed About to Hike Interest Rates? The headlines say yes, but the markets say no.  
  4. Hedgies Stumble Upon the Brilliant Idea of Investing in AppleAn update from the world of stealing from the rich to give to the rich. 
  5. 1.3 Million People Lost Unemployment Benefits TodayIncluding 127,000 New Yorkers.
  6. The Economic Recovery Looks Like a House and a NurseConstruction and health-care jobs lead the way to 236,000 new payrolls.
  7. Economy Not Quite As Terrible As Initially Believed (But Still Pretty Terrible)!It grew at an annual rate of … 0.1 percent.
  8. The Fed Puts on Its Superman Cape and Decides to Fix UnemploymentThe central bank implemented the so-called Evans Rule.
  9. Jobs Report: Time to Call It a ComebackThe economy added 171,000 new jobs and proved that it’s on the mend.
  10. frankenstorm
    No One Shopped During Hurricane Sandy, ObviouslyDespite American Apparel’s best (and ickiest) efforts.
  11. Dow, S&P Report Their Biggest First-Quarter Point Gains Since 1998We’re saved!
  12. the economy
    People Still Think Hemlines Are Related to the EconomyLet’s play along!
  13. New York Times to Shed Some Newsroom StaffFewer than twenty voluntary buyouts are planned.
  14. occupy wall street
    Occupying Wall Street With Yoga, Pillow Fights, and Small-Group DiscussionsJust what the mayor was worried about.
  15. The American Economy Is Really Into the Nineties Nostalgia TrendNot the bubblegum-pop era. More like the sad, grungy times.
  16. By the Way, Congress, Even Without the Debt Ceiling Raise, the Economy Is Shriveling on the VineSome bad numbers came out today.
  17. Obama’s Top Economic Adviser Leaving PostTo return to school.
  18. Pimco’s Bill Gross Feels Like a Frog in HeatThe CEO is literally stewing over the Fed’s monetary policy.
  19. Dow Hits Highest Level in Three Years12,000, recalling a time when some, but not all, of the economy was in tatters.
  20. Mediavore
    Acme’s Unionized Workers Reject Buyout Bid; Everything That’sPlus Michelin stars lose prestige in the UK, and despite roast beef supposedly being the “next big thing,” Wendy’s/Arby’s group looks to unload Arby’s all in our morning news roundup.
  21. Breaking: Rich Are Rich Again, Poor Still PoorThe “new normal,” it turns out, is pretty much the same as the old normal.
  22. Even Doctor Doom Can’t Triumph in This MarketNouriel Roubini can’t sell his party pad.
  23. Mediavore
    Philadelphia Union Scores With a Bimbo; Hospitality Sector Adds 25,000 New JobsPlus McDonald’s Fruit and Maple oatmeal doesn’t actually contain any maple syrup, and concerns over dioxin-tainted animal feed spreads to France and Denmark, all in our morning news roundup.
  24. Former Investment Banker’s Human-Trafficking Business Is BoomingMail-order brides are really cost-effective, aptly named Wharton grad Joseph Weiner explains.
  25. housing
    The Housing Market May Already Be in a Double DipThat’s not good news.
  26. People Are Shopping Again!For jewelry! And clothes! And home furniture! And cars!
  27. Mediavore
    Boozers Spend Less This Holiday Season; PA Residents Who Buy Booze in NJ LongPlus eggs are great for hangovers, and Kroger issues a recall on pet in food in 19 states, all in out morning news roundup.
  28. Unemployment Problem Will Not Clear Up in Time to Make President Obama Look GoodUnemployment will still be around 8 percent by the end of 2012.
  29. Mediavore
    Economic Slump Puts a Pinch on Pre-Thanksgiving Partying in Manayunk;Plus the number of restaurants in Japan with Michelin stars could soon surpass those in France, and processed food companies plan to scale back sodium levels in their products, all in our morning news roundup.
  30. Business Upset That Under Obama They Have Achieved Only the Highest Profits EverThanks for nothing, Obama.
  31. Frustrated Middle-Class Democrat Who Vented About the Economy Loses JobVelma Hart was laid off.
  32. Mediavore
    Farm to Families Provides Farm Fresh Groceries to North Philly; Ace of Cakes toPlus Campbell’s Soup finds ways to keep employees fit, and sales from fine dining and fast food are up, all in our morning news roundup.
  33. Nouriel Roubini Now Adding Jokes to His RepetoireDr. Doom lightens up, sort of.
  34. This Is What Ben Bernanke Looks Like When He’s ‘Taking Aim’The Federal Reserve chairman really gave it to China today.
  35. Sarah Palin Is in a Fight With a Wall Street Journal Economics Reporter About EconomicsAs you would expect, it’s not going well for her.
  36. Sarah Palin Will Do an Impression of a Serious Person in Speech TonightShe’ll criticize the Federal Reserve’s “quantitative easing” policy.
  37. Obama in India: ‘It Is Hard to Overstate the Importance of Asia to Our Economic Future’And he’s staying at the Taj Mahal.
  38. The United States Added 151,000 Jobs in OctoberThis is the first time since May that overall payrolls increased.
  39. Mediavore
    Foodstamps Fall Short For Many Families in Need; Whole Foods Heads to ScotlandPlus the Food Network’s parent company is flush with cash, and bacon soda is as gross as you would expect, all in our morning news roundup.
  40. Freddie Mac Posts $4.1 Billion Loss, Asks Treasury For $100 Million To Tide It OverAnd don’t expect the mortgage giant to become solvent anytime soon.
  41. Unemployment Holds at 9.6 Percent: Overall Jobs Lost, Private Employment Losing SteamThis is bad news.
  42. John Paulson Would Like You to Buy As Many Homes As You CanBuy your sister-in-law’s nephew a home!
  43. covered girls
    Clothes at Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks Expected to Be Less Tight and RevealingYou know labels are playing it safe when even Gucci skips the mirrored runway.
  44. Unbelievable News: The Recession Is Over!Unbelievable, as in it’s hard to believe it.
  45. Obama To Name Elizabeth Warren To Special Advisory RoleBypassing Senate confirmation hearing.
  46. New Economic Adviser: Unemployment Rate ‘Going to Stay High’I don’t anticipate it coming down rapidly,” Goolsbee says.
  47. Loose-Lipped Hookers Tarnish Oldest ProfessionRecent news stories suggest prostitutes’ moral code has been compromised.
  48. Obama Expected to Lay Out New Plan for Economy This WeekMidterm elections: looming.
  49. Economy Sheds 54,000 Jobs, Unemployment Rises to 9.6 PercentThis is better than expected.
  50. New Yorkers Still Doing Better Than Most in Economic RecoveryUnless you aren’t a manager. And you live outside of Manhattan.
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