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    On the Internet, November 9, 2016, Is ForeverGet ready for some very fun and not painful memories.
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    What Is It Like to Own a Mexican Restaurant in New York Right Now?“There have been moments of panic, especially having a new brick-and-mortar.”
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    Dave Chappelle’s Reps Respond to His Comedy Gig“His comedy show blasted both candidates.”
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    Lena Dunham Releases Hillary Clinton PSA That Doubles As Celeb Activism Parody“Now I’m going to take off my pantsuit to reveal a more sensual pantsuit.”
  5. sketch exploder
    Lena Dunham on Her Faux-PSA Hillary Clinton Rap“I liked the idea of a well-meaning white girl who thinks she’s helping the election by exposing her body and writing thoughtless rap music.”
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    Lena Dunham Releases Parody Hillary Clinton PSA“Now I’m going to take off my pantsuit to reveal a more sensual pantsuit.”
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    Why Saturday Night Live Destroys Trump, and John Oliver Doesn’tIf one of comedy’s functions is speaking truth to power, it sure helps if the powerful are actually listening.
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    Bill Maher’s Real Time Expands Show for RNC, DNC’Tis the season!
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    Hillary Clinton Is Winning the Fashion Schmoozing RaceBy a landslide.
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    Rick Astley Is Somehow Relevant AgainThe Times gets “rickrolled,” the NYPD searches cavities, and John McCain creakingly weighs in on the actions the Federal Reserve Bank took on behalf of Bear Stearns in our daily roundup of Media, Law and Finance news.