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The Fabulous Noels

  1. Marisa Noel Brown Sued for Making Money Off of Stuff That Wasn’t HersThere’s an unsatisfying symmetry here.
  2. Madoff Trustee: ‘Boundless Avarice’ Fueled Noels, Others to Commit FraudMadoff trustee Irving Picard rips Bernie’s feeder fund a new one.
  3. And As for Walter Noel and the Gang at Fairfield Greenwich ...Bernie just has one thing to say.
  4. Andrés Piedrahita Abandons YachtThe Noel son-in-law retreats to his farm in Mallorca.
  5. Andrés Piedrahita Considers Himself a Victim of Bernie Madoff, TooAlso, he wants to give all the money back to everyone.
  6. Noel Son-in-law Spotted ‘Vacationing Blatantly’Andrés Piedrahita has taken his ill-gotten gains to the high seas, like the pirate he is.
  7. Marisa Noel Brown’s Jewelry Now Available At Henri BendelThose who have been Ponzi-schemed will be heartened to know that it is “affordable.”
  8. Noel Daughter Relinquishes TownhouseAfter months of rumors, Marisa Noel Brown finally lists her townhouse.
  9. Noels Targeted As Madoff Accomplices in SuitNow the trustee charged with recouping money for defrauded investors says that Fairfield Greenwich executives knew too much to be innocent, and owe billions for their collusion.
  10. Noel Sisters Had ‘Supreme Self-Confidence’Walter and Monica were likable, says a former employee, whereas their daughters were, um…
  11. Noels Not Banned From Country Club After AllSorry, Schadenfreudenkinder.
  12. Daily Intel’s Solution to the Hamptons Homelessness ProblemThere’s homeless people living in the woods in Southampton, and we have just the place for them to stay.
  13. Spend Summer at the Noels’ This Year!We hear they’re renting their Southampton home.
  14. Fairfield Greenwich Employee Tried to Cover Ass, Failed SpectacularlyI need to show people who invested in Sigma that I was doing due diligence in what is the largest scam in financial history.”
  15. Madoff Feeder Fairfield Greenwich Group Charged With FraudA Massachusetts secretary has accused them of “flagrant and recurring misrepresentations.”
  16. Andrés Piedrahita Never Knew Anything About AnythingThe Noel son-in-law has an irrepressible personality.
  17. The Noels Were Coarse, Nouveau Riche Social Climbers, Say SnobsBut, to be honest, they weren’t really very different from the old riche social climbers.
  18. Walter Noel Shopped for Auditors the Way His Daughters Shopped for ShoesIn his remarks to the House Financial Services subcommittee this morning, Harry Markopolos made an interesting observation about Noel’s Fairfield Greenwich.
  19. Noel Son-in-law Horrified That Acquaintance Would Fly CommercialWhy would anyone DO such a thing?
  20. Noels: ‘Frightfully Badly Behaved Snobs’The former owner of Mustique lays into our favorite seasonal residents.
  21. Really, Nobody on Mustique Will Miss the NoelsNot the first one, the second one … the whole gaggle! Plus, Caroline Kennedy sassed the press even when she was 6. In the gossip roundup.
  22. The Noels Have Finally Rented the Mustique HouseWe can all finally exhale, thank God! Plus, Charles Barkley and Matt Dillon provide mug-shot do’s and don’t’s, in the very first gossip roundup of 2009! Yay!
  23. Lance Armstrong Is Preggers!Sort of. That and more in our gossip roundup!