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The Future Is Now

  1. the future is now
    Dippin’ Dots Announces New Cryogenics CompanyHow long until we can freeze our dead bodies in ice cream?
  2. Uber and NASA Want to See You in a Flying Taxi by 2020Uber is calling it “ride-sharing in the sky.”
  3. This Terrifying Robot-Snake Surgeon Could Save Your Life Some DaySay ah!
  4. Japan’s First VR Porn Festival Was So Popular It Had to Be Shut DownToo many bodies.
  5. the future is now
    These Apps Let You Get the Pill and Skip the Pelvic ExamUber for your uterus.
  6. genetics
    A British Scientist Just Got Approval to Begin Gene-Editing EmbryosThe experiments are aimed at advancing infertility treatments.
  7. ayo technology
    Sex With Robots: Something New to Worry AboutEmbrace the future?
  8. the future is now
    Love in the Uncanny Valley: Men and Sex Dolls“I really like women but I don’t like to be around people.”
  9. social psychology
    It’s Time to Get Acquainted With Your Future SelfWe think of our future selves the same way we think of strangers, and it results in some bad long-term decision-making. 
  10. Amazon Offers Manhattanites One-Hour Toilet-Paper DeliveryAmong other “daily essentials.”
  11. NYC Plans World’s Largest Free Public WiFi SetupNow you’ll truly never have to look up from your phone in public again.
  12. Julian Assange Appeared in Nantucket Via HologramHe’s still stuck in the embassy.
  13. Filmmakers Can Start Using Drones in the U.S. The FAA is expected to approve their use on film sets.
  14. London Orders Company to Stop Spying on People With Recycling BinsStill spying on you: everything else in the world. 
  15. Things That Are Spying on You: Recycling BinsA brand of recycling bins in London tracks what you’re doing, thanks to your phone. 
  16. Manhattan Still Has All the Underground Cell ServiceNow in 36 stations.
  17. the future is now
    American Women Love a Dark-Haired European HeroAccording to E-reader data.
  18. NYC to Get Free Subway WiFi This SummerIn certain stations. 
  19. Facebook Engineers Are Coming to New YorkLike, to stay.
  20. Four Million People Around the World Are Now ‘Checking In’ on FoursquareThe very chic Wijono S. of Jakarta, Indonesia, marks the milestone.
  21. Google Creates Cars That Drive Without People in ThemRight.