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  1. What’s New on Showtime: January 2018The Chi is one of the year’s most promising new shows.
  2. love and war
    The Game’s Latest Instagram Hashtags Will Make You BlushWatch your back, Anaïs Nin.
  3. casting couch
    James Franco to Star As PUA in The GameNeil Strauss’s seduction guidebook is hitting the big screen.
  4. Snoop Dogg and the Game Lead L.A. ProtestThe march ended outside the LAPD headquarters.
  5. beta male
    How America Became Infatuated With a Cartoonish Idea of ‘Alpha Males’The old alpha-male idea is dying, but its adherents aren’t going quietly.
  6. The Game Name-Drops the Obamas in His Latest Thirst Trap PostOur preeminent underwear selfie artist is back.
  7. cut cover story
    From Pickup Artist to PariahJared Rutledge fancied himself a big man of the “manosphere.” But when his online musings about 46 women were exposed, his whole town turned against him.
  8. wellthy
    Free Wellness Advice From Rappers18 surprisingly useful tips that don’t involve Hennessy. 
  9. eggplant delight
    Talking to The Game, Instagram Thirst-Trap ChampionHe’s truly a master of the form.
  10. the truth
    Neil Strauss, Tucker Max, and the Nice-Guy PivotAn unexpected evolution.
  11. slam poetry
    The Game Is a Sensual, Seductive Instagram PoetThe Game for poet laureate of sex.
  12. Etiquette
    The Game Denied Service at Houston’s Because of His TattoosIs this racial profiling or just a dress-code enforcement?
  13. Celebrity Settings
    The Game Gets a Parking Ticket at The Roxbury; Ian McKellen Holds Court atThe Hobbit actor sits down at Suzanne Goin’s restaurant for Vanity Fair.
  14. first person
    How Reality TV Is Like Dating in Your TwentiesGordon Ramsay “negged” me, and I think I liked it.
  15. the game
    Compare the Pickup Styles of New Girl’s Schmidt and Parks and Rec’s Tom Haverford Watch and learn. Or maybe just watch.
  16. the game
    Jamie Dimon Negs the MediaJamie, why so cruel?
  17. pilots 2012
    BET Green-lights Pilot From The Game CreatorSingle Black Female is about an Atlanta talk-show host.
  18. francophile
    James Franco May Star in Movie As Mystery, the Pickup ArtistIn an adaptation of The Game.
  19. Beef
    Westside Story: The Game Gets Booted From Santa Monica’s HillstoneHe claims racism, the restaurant cites its dress-code.
  20. clickables
    Hear the Game’s New Tracks With Drake, Tyler the Creator, and Lil WayneHear “Martians vs. Goblins” and “Bad Girls Gone Bad.”
  21. punk'd
    The Game Punks Compton PoliceThe rapper pulled an M.I.A. vs. Lynn Hirschberg.
  22. music
    Dr. Dre Is Rapping on Game’s Upcoming R.E.D. AlbumPlus, the album has a release date.
  23. the industry
    Jimmy Iovine Has Promised the Game’s R.E.D. Album Will Be Out This SummerDon’t lie to Game, Jimmy!
  24. Openings
    San Gab’s New Home for Table-Side DuckNew Beijing Duck House has more seafood and Shandong dishes than those from beijing.
  25. ratings
    The CW-Canceled The Game Gets Great Ratings for BETFollowing getting axed after three years, the sitcom gets record-breaking ratings.
  26. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Anna Friel, Wolf ParadePlus: BET to bring back ‘The Game.’
  27. feud for thought
    This Week in Rap Beef: Knoc-turn’al, Bumpy Knuckles, Waka Flocka Flame, and Other CraziesThe hip-hop feuds the conscientious consumer was paying attention to this week.
  28. feud for thought
    This Week in Rap Beefs: The Game Bought Seventeen Copies of 50 Cent’s New Album“I tried to help him over that 160,000 thousand mark. We bought 17 albums, man. Real talk.”
  29. rap cinema
    50 Cent’s Before I Self Destruct and the Best Hip-Hop B MoviesSo many multitalented rappers!
  30. famous aaron roses
    Malcolm Gladwell, Fluttery-Fingered SeducerThe author has skills that extend beyond writing best-selling books.
  31. right-click
    The Game Hits Back at Jay-Z; Political Thinkers Respond“A story about the nature of hegemony and the debate over the exercise of American power.”
  32. right-click
    The Game and Chris Brown Offer Deeply Awkward Michael Jackson TributeThis time, Chris Brown gets to be involved.
  33. right-click
    The Game Wants His Ice-cream SandwichesOn “Bang Along,” the proud Comptonite walks us down memory lane.
  34. light reading
    Neil Strauss and Anthony Bozza on Their New Plans to Publish ‘Intelligent Writing About Stupid Topics’Then there’s the tale of a woman, brought up as a traditional Muslim, who became “the most depraved rock groupie you’ve ever seen.”
  35. baby steps
    Thank You: Ghostface Stands Up for RihannaWhat’s the phrase — “breaking the cycle”?
  36. right-click
    Andrew Bird Whistles Through the Financial ApocalypsePlus: The Game’s best song ever!
  37. party lines
    Welsh Singer Duffy on Discovering Black Music“I’m not going to lie to you and say I knew who the Game was.”
  38. quote machine
    Jeff Bridges’s Acting in ‘Big Lebowski’ Was Not Aided by Performance EnhancersPlus: David Boreanz doesn’t get ‘Heroes.’
  39. last night's gig
    Dear Diary: Why Does the Game Disappoint Us So?Once in a while, Vulture takes a peek at what your friends and neighbors think of a concert. Today, the Guy Who Was Disappointed That the Game Let Last Night’s Irving Plaza Show Be Overrun by Guests. (Apologies to Daily Intel and the Sex Diaries.)
  40. right-click
    The Game: ‘The Black Liberace’?Plus: Hot Chip! T.I.! Hope Sandoval!
  41. quote machine
    M. Night Shyamalan Not Sure Why He Has This Reputation As the Guy Who Makes the Scary Movies With a TwistPlus: The Game defends his lack of message, and Heather Graham is keeping busy.
  42. quote machine
    Elaine Stritch Doesn’t Understand Beckett Any Better Than You DoPlus: The Game basically admits that his next album is going to be horribly delayed. It’s called ‘L.A.X.’!
  43. right-click
    Beyoncé’s ‘Nightmare’ Is Our DaydreamPlus new MP3s from Hot Chip, Prodigy, and The Game.
  44. right-click
    The Shufflin’ Crew Reminds You to Watch the Super Bowl This WeekendPlus: Islands!
  45. in other news
    Paul Rudd vs. the Pickup Artists: It Is On!Writers’ strike aside, there’s still original content being filmed in New York City. My Damn Channel has been running Webisodes of a show starring David Wain, formerly of The State which are pretty hilarious. In the new Webisode, “The Pickup” airing today, Wain’s too-nervous-to-approach-women character consults Alias, a Mystery-like character for help. Played by Paul Rudd, resplendent in a smoking jacket and tight pants, his long straggly wig restrained by a top hat and velvet headband, Alias promises great success picking up women with lines like, “Great hair. Looks silky as shit. What is it, horse hair? You dumb, cheap hooker,” and using made-up words to explain his philosophy. “Beautiful women are told they’re beautiful all day long,” he says smoothly. “What we do, is we deny them our approval … hones, that way they’re dependent on us.” It’s pretty much the funniest and smartest takedown of Neil Strauss’s The Game yet. The Pickup [My Damn Channel]
  46. right-click
    Snoop and the Game Reaffirm Position on HatersEddie Vedder, Ben Lee, and music from the best movie of all time.
  47. the industry
    Public Theater Slate Includes Plays by Churchill and Shepard, Work by Hoffman and StrathairnPlus industry news on Pal Joey, Drew Barrymore, and Lil Jon.
  48. right-click
    Marilyn Manson Is Down With That Karma Stuff