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The Gods Must Be Crazy

  1. It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s BeyoncéShe took a perfect pencil dive off a 30-foot yacht. 
  2. Monks Do Not Like It When You Try to Clean Their SpaceThey will throw their brooms at you. 
  3. Meet Peter Waldron, the Former Ugandan Prisoner and Accused Spy Working for Michele Bachmann in IowaOh boy.
  4. Warren Jeffs Sentenced to Life in PrisonThe polygamist leader received the maximum sentence in both charges against him.
  5. Catholic Church Extinguishes Arts Community at St. Cecilia’s in GreenpointFather Jim is being shipped off to Afghanistan.
  6. Long Island Rabbi Busted by Ex-Wife for Hiring Prostitutes on the SabbathSince when are prostitutes kosher?”
  7. Presbyterian Church to Begin Ordaining Gay MinistersThe rule change begins on Sunday.
  8. Archbishop Timothy Dolan Defends His Halfhearted Fight Against Marriage Equality in New YorkWhatever, I didn’t want to have a say in this anyway.”
  9. Archbishop Timothy Dolan Has Been ‘a Little Down Recently’Wait, why?
  10. Daily News: Marriage-Equality Vote Not Until Weekend or LaterAnd the debate drags on.
  11. God Practically Begging Michelle Bachmann to Run for PresidentShe feels “a calling.”
  12. Archbishop Dolan: Allowing Gays to Marry Would Lead to ‘Orwellian’ FutureBecause in ‘1984,’ it was the government giving people too many rights that was the problem.
  13. The Old ‘I Was Asleep While I Was Fondling a Stranger on an Airplane’ Excuse Never FliesEspecially if YOURE A RABBI.
  14. Dalai Lama Says Killing Osama Bin Laden Was Justified, in a Dalai Lama Sort of WayCompassionate countermeasures.
  15. Episcopal Church to Jim McGreevey: You Can’t Be a Priest, But It’s Not Because You’re GayIt’s for another reason.
  16. If Jesus Had Been on Trial in Virginia, Would He Have Gotten the Death Penalty?Considering Virginia is second only to Texas in the number of executions …
  17. Archaeologists Find ‘Gay’ Grave From Stone AgeIt wasn’t particularly festive.
  18. Pole Dancing Is One of the Many Ways to Worship JesusTake a gander at Crystal Dean’s Pole Fitness for Jesus class.
  19. Philadelphia Archdiocese Suspends 21 PriestsHallelujah?
  20. Gays Barred From Staten Island St. Patrick’s Day ParadeIt was because they were wearing rainbow pins and waving rainbow flags. As everyone knows, saints hate rainbows.
  21. The Pope Doesn’t Blame the Jews for Killing JesusAnd in his new book, he’ll tell you why.
  22. Church Leader: Andrew Cuomo Is Living in ‘Public Concubinage’Ew.
  23. Archbishop Timothy Dolan Did Not Hide $130 Million to Avoid Paying Off Sex-Abuse Settlements, Says Archbishop Timothy DolanSome trouble from Milwaukee is following our guy.
  24. Rachel Maddow the Latest Journo to Be Bamboozled by ChristwireAw, come on, Rach.
  25. Ted Haggard Doesn’t Want to Stand Up in Public and Say, ‘Hey, I’m a Masturbation Guy!’(But he is.)
  26. Alberto Cutié to Get Syndicated Talk ShowThe former Catholic priest will be dishing out advice.
  27. New Yorker Would Rather Get Hepatitis Than Wait in LineChurch folk get huffy.
  28. Hepatitis A Scare at Long Island Catholic ChurchMerry Christmas!
  29. Stephen Baldwin: When I’m a Billionaire, I’ll Be the ‘George Soros for Jesus’There is a lot going on in that statement.
  30. Archbishop Timothy Dolan Elected President of U.S. Conference of Catholic BishopsThis was unexpected.
  31. Who Knows the Most About Religion? Atheists, Jews, and MormonsAtheists know more about religion than people than believe in it.
  32. Homophobic Pastor Sued for ‘Coercing Sex’ on Teenage BoysSigh.
  33. Five Algerians Arrested in London Over Threat to the PopeThe Pope is enjoying a wonderful visit, warmly welcomed wherever he goes.”
  34. Okay, Okay, So a Jesus Statue Was Struck by Lightning and Burned to a Crisp Last NightBut it’s not THE “Touchdown Jesus.”
  35. Senior Priest on Leave in Boston After Sexual-Abuse AllegationsArchdiocese received complaints of sexual abuse of children about 50 years ago.
  36. From St. Peter’s Square, Pope Asks for ForgivenessThis is the first time he’s done so from a pulpit in the Church’s holy seat.
  37. Pope Assigns Archbishop Dolan, Others to Irish-Church Review PanelThe investigation team will look into churches and seminaries there.
  38. Pope: Gay Marriage One of ‘the Most Insidious and Dangerous Threats to the Common Good Today’Because remember that time recently when gay marriage molested 200 deaf boys and then systematically covered its own ass for it?
  39. Pope: ‘The Greatest Persecution of the Church Doesn’t Come From Enemies on the Outside But Is Born From the Sins Within the Church’Maybe the Church’s latest troubles aren’t the fault of the ‘Times’ after all!
  40. Another Gay Escort Details Night With Christian-Right LeaderThat’s two. Do we hear three?
  41. Times Sets Sights on Vatican Chief DefenderToday’s paper examines the past decisions of Cardinal William Levada.
  42. Christian Right Leader Nabbed Traveling With Gay EscortOh yes.
  43. Vatican: Pope May Apologize for Handling of Abuse CasesYou may have assumed he’s done this before.
  44. Some People Who Have Spent Their Lives Wanting to Say They Found Noah’s Ark Finally Say ItAnd good for them.
  45. Conservative Catholic Leaders Reacting More Strongly to Abuse ScandalTwo news stories today demonstrate a change in the wind.
  46. Pope Meets With Abuse Victims for First TimeApparently the meeting was exhausting.
  47. Pope Breaks Silence Over Recent Church ScandalsI have to say that we Christians, even in recent times, have often avoided the word ‘penance,’ which seems too harsh.”
  48. Atheists Want to Arrest the PopeRichard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens are trying to build a case for “crimes against humanity.”
  49. the gods must be crazy
    On Good Friday, Church Compares Persecution of Jews to Current Scrutiny Over Priest Pedophilia Cover-UpsThe ‘Times’ continues flagellating the Church.
  50. Vatican Goes After Times Over CoverageMaureen Dowd is just “silly.”
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