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The Great Tampa Convention Showdown

  1. Karl Rove Swears He Was Kidding About Murdering Todd AkinHe joked about doing so at a Tampa fundraiser.
  2. great moments in rnc history
    Romney Campaign Totally Thought Clint Eastwood’s Empty Chair Bit Was a HootAnn went with “unique.” 
  3. RNC Protester Arrested With ‘Full-Size’ MacheteNearby, disturbingly, was an effigy of Mitt Romney.
  4. Ron Paul Tampa Rally Highlights Lingering Rift in GOPRomney still has a pretty serious Ron Paul problem on his hands.
  5. RNC Convention Opening Day Cancelled Due to Tropical Storm IsaacWhat about that Ann Romney speech, then?
  6. Ann Romney Won’t Have to Compete With Joe Biden for Attention in TampaHe’s postponing his Florida trip. 
  7. Rick Santorum Ready for Ron Paul Convention ShowdownAlso, he’s open to running for vice-president.