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The Greatest Depression

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All Eyes on Vikram Pandit

Citigroup stock slips further as rumors swirl about the banking giant.

By Jessica Pressler

‘Dow Doobie Doo Down Down.’

The highs and lows of today's market, as told through the posts on a Manhattan parenting message board.

By Jessica Pressler

The Evolving Philosophy of Hank Paulson

The financial crisis has caused the Treasury Secretary to know the meaning of regulation, and the importance of a catchphrase.

By Jessica Pressler

No Fatties at Citigroup

Citigroup's mass firing is really just kind of like a diet, the CEO explains.

By Jessica Pressler

Citigroup to Cut 53,000 Jobs

Vikram Pandit will announce the job cuts at a friendly, 'town hall' style meeting today.

By Jessica Pressler