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  1. media
    Does Glenn Greenwald Know More Than Robert Mueller?The journalist’s war on the Russia investigation.
  2. Leaked NSA Report Suggests Russian Hacking Could Have Affected Election Itself“Comey Week” in Washington just got a little more intense.
  3. Why the Alt-Center Is a Problem, TooCentrist liberals who grossly misrepresent the views of their left-wing critics are sowing unnecessary divisions in the anti-Trump movement.
  4. interview
    Glenn Greenwald on the Media“The ethos of a corporation is completely different from what a journalistic ethos is supposed to be.”
  5. the military
    The Drama of the Drone PapersA story about civilian casualties is also a story about the bureaucracy of secrecy. Which one will have more impact?
  6. podcasts
    ‘Serial’ Prosecutor Insists Everything Was FineProsecutor Kevin Urick says anti-Muslim sentiment played no part in the case.
  7. podcasts
    The Prosecutor in the ‘Serial’ Case Says Everything Was on the Up-and-UpIt was “pretty much a run-of-the-mill domestic violence murder,” says Kevin Urick.
  8. podcasts
    Jay From ‘Serial’ Just Gave His First InterviewWith yet another timeline of events.
  9. spy games
    The U.S. Government Has a New Edward Snowden on Its HandsGlenn Greenwald’s the Intercept has a national security source with access to classified documents.