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The London Whale

  1. London Whale Costs JPMorgan $920 Million in Addition to All of That Other MoneyThe bank is settling up with four regulators today.
  2. The London Whale’s Bizarre EscapeBruno Iksil is avoiding charges by throwing his colleagues under the bus.
  3. A Better Way to Punish Jamie DimonCutting Dimon’s bonus won’t matter to him; instead, his board should push for better disclosures.
  4. Former ‘London Whale’ Boss Gets New Assignment Under BusJPMorgan Chase is suing Javier Martin-Artajo for concealing the Whale’s losses.
  5. Jamie Dimon’s Tom Brady Pep TalkYes, Tom Brady.
  6. Wall Street’s Summer of ScandalA three-month financial circus, with a rotating cast of clowns.
  7. Dimons Are Forever: Why Jamie Dimon Won’t ResignHe’s too proud, and too necessary.
  8. JPMorgan Beaches London Whale, Suggests Traders May Have LiedIt also restated its earnings for last quarter.
  9. The Politics of Wall Street ClawbacksWho gets the claw? Who doesn’t?
  10. JPMorgan’s Trading Losses May Be Bigger Than Expected$9 billion? $5 billion? What’s the difference?
  11. Jamie Dimon’s Second Capitol Hill Visit Was a Lot Less Brownnose-yA video recap.
  12. Grading Jamie Dimon’s Congressional GrillingHow’d everyone do?
  13. Live From Capitol Hill, It’s Jamie DimonThe nation’s biggest banker puts on his contrite face.
  14. Jamie Dimon Can Explain Everything And by “everything,” we mean “nothing you don’t already know.”