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The Mayflower Hotel

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Checking In at the Mayflower Hotel

Looks like D.C. has another infamous hotel. The city appears tickled with its role in the Spitzer scandal: Cameras and secret-service vans have been inexplicably parked outside the entrance to the Mayflower Hotel (the site of the governor's infamous tryst with "Kristen") since the news broke Monday (he's not there now, people). But what's happening inside? For one, there haven't been many requests for the "Spitzer suite," said the petrified concierge, who turned white as a ghost when we asked about "the room." A security guard has been stationed outside room 871, but that hasn't stopped guests from taking a look. "It looks just like any other room," said Mary Hollebeck, in from Michigan for the National Funeral Directors conference. She and her husband, Martin, found out about the scandal after they'd checked in, and said the guests in the hotel have been enjoying the buzz. "Right now I'm sure the hotel probably wants it all just to go away," he said. "But then they'll probably go and raise the rate." So do they find the rooms romantic? "We usually come on business," Mary said, to which Martin interjected, "I want this to be clear: This is my wife." —Janelle Nanos