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The Most Important People In The World

  1. Matt Lauer Gets What Matt Lauer WantsThe perks of being a morning-show god.
  2. Ferguson Hangs Over Awards-Show WeekendDispatches from the VMAs and the Emmys.
  3. The U.S. Government Is Still Obsessing About Beyoncé and Jay Z’s Cuba TripSomeone’s looking so crazy right now.
  4. Chris Christie Loses It Over Bruce SpringsteenThe governor insists he and the Boss are cool, and on a first-name basis.
  5. Someone Wrote ‘Taylor Swift’ in the Sky Over ManhattanAll the sky’s a canvas for her fairy-dust-powered publicity machine.
  6. Donald Trump Says Trump Casinos Tarnish the Trump NameIs that even possible? 
  7. the most important people in the world
    Malia Obama Went to Lollapalooza, So You Are Now Officially OldImagine how the president feels.
  8. Hot New Celebrity Trend: Tweeting #FreePalestine (and Then Deleting It)First Dwight Howard, then Rihanna, which can only mean more to come.
  9. Madonna’s Jury Duty Is Way Better Than Your Jury DutyBelieve it or not, the pop star got special treatment.
  10. Totally Absurd Neighbor Dispute Becomes Front-Page National NewsBecause it involves Fed chair Janet Yellen’s fat and sloppy security team.
  11. Famous People Watching the U.S. World Cup GameOn Air Force One, at a random person’s Brooklyn apartment, and so on.
  12. Brooklyn Power Couple Also Consciously UncouplingNo, not the de Blasios (God forbid!). Jonathan Safran Foer and Nicole Krauss.
  13. David Schwimmer Helped Solve an East Village CrimeThe actor’s security camera captured a fight.
  14. Alec Baldwin Continues to Flout Biking LawsHope he’s carrying his I.D.!
  15. Standard Hotel Fires Employee Who Leaked the Solange–Jay Z TapeAnd turns over their information to the authorities.
  16. Alec Baldwin Arrested for Biking While Belligerent [Updated]He’s back.
  17. Alec Baldwin Arrested for Something in New YorkIt seems he was caught riding his bike the wrong way.
  18. Standard Hotel ‘Shocked and Disappointed’ By Leak of Solange–Jay Z Fight to TMZThe elevator footage seen ‘round the world came from inside the building.
  19. 4 Ways Politicians Try to Hide Their MessagesAnd one shady solution (hint: think teens).
  20. The Latest Rob Ford Meltdown Includes a Justin Bieber Cameo, of CourseThis is what they call rock bottom.
  21. Gayle King, Rupert Murdoch on Donald SterlingDrop the microphone. ‘Any questions?’”
  22. Who Is V. Stiviano?She’s suddenly famous after starting the L.A. Clippers fiasco.
  23. Clooney Defended Obama Against Steve WynnWhen he’s drinking, he considers himself a close personal buddy of the president,” says Wynn.
  24. Pope Francis Took a Palm Sunday SelfieOf course he did.
  25. 7 Things We Learned About Being Billionaire Bachelor Rupert Murdoch These DaysThe best bits from a wide-ranging new interview.
  26. Alec Baldwin Still Toying With Vaguely Anti-Gay InsultsThis time, he mocks a man about fashion and being on his knees.
  27. The Best Dirt From 15 Central Park WestFrom the author Michael Gross’s new book on the behemoth condo building.
  28. George W. Bush Reveals New PaintingsThe former president’s art show opens today in Texas.
  29. Putin Does Conscious Uncoupling the Russian WayThe divorce has taken place.”
  30. Watch President Obama Meet Pope Francis for the First TimeJust two powerful guys, taking pictures and talking business.
  31. Courtney Love Is ‘Obsessed’ With Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370The singer has been doing some amateur sleuthing.
  32. Obama and His Dad Jeans Through the YearsThe president says, “The truth is, generally I look very sharp in jeans,” which is not quite true.
  33. Jared Leto Did Not Solve Ukraine’s Problems But he did play a show.
  34. Gary Melius: Almost Assassinated at His CastleThe political influencer has remained mostly quiet after surviving a shot to the head.
  35. Rupert Murdoch Oscar Party Date Featured in GOOPOf course.
  36. the most important people in the world
    Ronan Farrow Show Set Doubles As RésuméThe precocious new host has an inspirational word cloud behind him.
  37. Ronan Farrow Not Taking Woody Allen QuestionsReporters attending the event were told not to mention “personal or family affairs.”
  38. Here Is Rupert Murdoch’s New $57 Million Bachelor PadHe bought One Madison’s triplex penthouse and the floor below it.
  39. the most important people in the world
    Wendi Deng ‘Note’: Google CEO So Much Uglier Than Tony BlairRupert Murdoch’s looks were not evaluated.
  40. Amazingly, Biden’s Niece Avoids Prison for Hitting CopNo harm, no foul.
  41. Nazis, Slavery, Lynchings, and More Overblown Modern AnalogiesWhat the hell does Gandhi have to do with Bitcoin?
  42. CNN Lays Off 40 Journalists Amid Bieber-Arrest FeverThe wall-to-wall coverage somehow continues unabated.
  43. Elite-Targeting Hacker Guccifer Allegedly Arrested After Hall-of-Fame RunMeet Marcel Lazar Lehel.
  44. Flavor Flav Arrested for Speeding on Long IslandWith sixteen suspensions on his license and a little bit of weed.
  45. Just About Every Rich, Famous, and Powerful Person Has Been Hacked by GucciferThe prolific computer criminal has shared his stash, in case he gets caught.
  46. Derek Jeter Doesn’t Let Anyone Bring Phones Into His Tampa MansionHe has a phone basket in his foyer. 
  47. Alec Baldwin Has Pretty Much Had It With New YorkI think to myself there’s so many other places to live to be happy.”
  48. Alec Baldwin’s Stalker Has Some RegretsNo one will hire me.”
  49. Alec Baldwin Is So Down With Gay People That He Can Pretend to Be GayHe professed his love to a man last night, as a joke. Get it?
  50. Highlights From the Senate Burn Book: Dirty Money, Blackmail, and JFK Blow JobsTales from Lyndon Johnson adviser Bobby Baker, “The Man Who Knew Too Much.”
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