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The N Word

  1. the industry
    Netflix PR Chief Fired After Saying the N-word in a MeetingHe was with the company for six years.
  2. Why So Many TV Shows Are Talking About the N-Word Right Now“A lot of us are having an opportunity, for perhaps the first time in our lives, to put in our art what we have been talking about in private.”
  3. controversies
    Bill Maher Says the N-Word on Real TimeWhile interviewing his guest Nebraska senator Ben Sasse
  4. luke cage
    How Luke Cage Got Marvel to Say the N-WordIt has a lot to do with respectability politics.
  5. department of linguistics
    Understanding the Wilmore ‘Nigga’ ConversationIt challenged a lot of strongly held notions about respectability.
  6. bad behavior
    The NFL Might Ban the Use of the N-Word on the FieldA diversity alliance proposes a fifteen-yard penalty for the slur.
  7. the post-racial world
    Black Boss Not Allowed to Call Black Employee the N-Word, Jury SaysThe jury has spoken. 
  8. cable news news
    CNN Is Seriously Wondering Whether ‘Cracker’ Is Worse Than the N-WordThis happened!
  9. the post-racial world
    Accused Racists Are Still Using the ‘Black Friend’ Defense, at Least in KansasThis became a joke like 30 years ago, no?
  10. the n-word
    Rick Perry’s N-WordheadGate Reminded Everyone About Racism in TexasBut the presidential candidate has a black friend.
  11. the n-word
    Rick Perry’s Family Hunting Camp Has the N-Word in Its Name [Updated]Apparently still visible near gate, under coat of paint.