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The New Adventures Of Old Christine

  1. Bill Maher Apologizes to Christine O’Donnell for That Whole Witch ThingI made your life hell and I’m sorry about that.” 
  2. the vulture transcript
    Julia Louis-Dreyfus on the Scrutiny of Lady Pols“That they’re pulled apart in that way is highly unjust.”
  3. Christine O’Donnell Doesn’t Have to Answer to Piers MorganDon’t you think, as a host, if I say ‘This is what I wanna talk about,’ that’s what we should address?”
  4. Christine O’Donnell Regrets, Lies About, Infamous Witch AdShe has written a book to satisfy the public’s hunger for more information about her terrible candidacy.
  5. Christine O’Donnell Under Investigation for Campaign Fund MisuseShe blames Joe Biden.
  6. Christine O’Donnell Hopes Book Will Foment RevolutionYes, she is writing a book.
  7. Christine O’Donnell Likes David SpadeAnd other crucial information revealed on her visit to the Tonight Show
  8. Christine O’Donnell on Gawker: ‘[Sex Story] Is Public Sexual Harassment’It targets not only O’Donnell, but all women contemplating stepping into the public sphere.”
  9. We’ve Reached the Nadir of Christine O’Donnell MockeryAn anonymous essay on Gawker from a guy who hooked up with O’Donnell gives us a queasy feeling.
  10. Delaware Debate Demonstrates Why Everyone Loves Christine O’DonnellShe was asked about evolution, secret Chinese war plans, and the Supreme Court.
  11. In Case You Were Wondering, Christine O’Donnell Bakes a Horrible CookieThe shocking revelations continue.
  12. Polls Show Christine O’Donnell Way Behind CoonsOnly a third of her supporters would be “very disappointed” if she lost.
  13. Christine O’Donnell’s First Campaign Ad: ‘I’m Not a Witch’I’ll go to Washington and do what you’d do.”
  14. Christine O’Donnell Thinks She Has Access to Classified Chinese War PlansChina is plotting to take over America, she warned in 2006.
  15. Christine O’Donnell Is ‘Currently Taking Applications for a Husband’Eccentric Republican seeks same.
  16. Christine O’Donnell’s LinkedIn Fairy Also Posted Same Inaccurate Info on Another WebsiteShe went to Oxford, according to Zoom Info.
  17. The Curious Case of Christine O’Donnell’s LinkedIn ProfileThe one that claimed she went to Oxford and Claremont Graduate University? It wasn’t hers, she says.
  18. Pretty Much Everything Christine O’Donnell Has Said About Her Education History Is WrongTurns out there’s another school she never attended.
  19. Christine O’Donnell Was Once Inside a Building at Oxford UniversitySo it’s probably fair to say she went to Oxford.
  20. Christine O’Donnell Hires Carly Fiorina’s Ad ManExpect demon sheep.
  21. Now the Witches Are Mad at Christine O’DonnellThis was bound to happen.
  22. Something Nobody Thought to Themselves While Watching Politically Incorrect in 1997When Al Franken met Christine O’Donnell.
  23. Christine O’Donnell Laughs Off Witchcraft Comments“How many of you didn’t hang out with questionable folks in high school?”
  24. Christine O’Donnell Once Had a Little Picnic on a Satanic AltarAnd now she would prefer not to appear on TV for a little while.
  25. Christine O’Donnell’s Old Campaign Aides Hate HerShe wasted money, had delusions of grandeur, and insisted on distributing suntan lotion to voters.
  26. Christine O’Donnell Thought the Clintons May Have Murdered Vince FosterUgh, stop it already, this is getting ridiculous.
  27. Christine O’Donnell Will Save Us From the Mouse PeopleWe must elect Christine O’Donnell, or the mouse people win.
  28. Fun With the Christine O’Donnell ArchivesShe would tell the Nazis about hidden Jews?
  29. GOP’s Delaware Senate Nominee Christine O’Donnell Not a Big Fan of EvolutionIsn’t it really just some crackpot theory?