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The New Girl Gets Old Parents and Schmidt Gets a Sex Master

Rob Reiner and Jamie Lee Curtis are going to guest star on The New Girl next season as Jess's parents. Will they be whimsical sillyheads like Jess? Or will they be the exact opposite, which caused Jess to rebel as a kid? Though, it's hard to [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Rob Riggle to Guest on ‘The New Girl’ for a Schmidt Off

Rob Riggle is going to swing by the lavish New Girl loft next season to play Schmidt. No, they aren't recasting and de-Jewishing the character, it's just that Riggle's character will also be named Schmidt. But how? But why? Riggle will be play [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Kay Cannon Gets Pilot Offer from Fox

A few months back, we told you that former 30 Rock writer Kay Cannon was leaving the show because of an overall deal she signed with 20th Century Fox that would have her work on The New Girl and allow her to work on her own stuff. Well, Kay [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Watch a New Web Series Written, Directed, and Starring Max Greenfield

Come on! Like any lady would get away from Schmidt – no chance. The best part about this, other than every part, is that the series was made for Axe. Yes, that Axe, the body spray people. Schmidt would most definitely be really pumped (or [...]

By Jesse David Fox

People Were Cast in Movie and Television Roles

- Josh Gad will play an anti-social engineer named Headphones (yes, Headphones), in the middle-aged internship comedy, The Internship, which co-stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.

By Jesse David Fox

The New Girl to Become a Broke Girl

Liz Meriwether tells Entertainment Weekly that next season on The New Girl Jess will lose her teaching job. Last season, her  job was really the only thing that wasn't in a constant state of disarray, so next year expect all disarray all the [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Some Guest-Star News

- Reno 911! Star Niecy Nash will appear in an early episode of The New Girl next season as woman who steals Jess's likely ribbon and hearts covered purse. To take the shenanigan level up another notch, this twee purse thief will be a [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Start the Week Off Right by Letting Schmidt Guide Your Workout

Last week, Vulture created the hypothetical packaging for a workout video starring Schmidt (seen below), the break out character from The New Girl. When the actor who plays Schmidt, Max Greenfield, saw the post he reportedly responded, "A: Yes. [...]

By Jesse David Fox