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  1. ‘The Onion’ Is Ending Its Print Publication EntirelyThe Onion will stop publishing its last few print publications this December. Crain’s Chicago Business reports that the newspaper version of […]
  2. ink-stained wretches
    The Onion Is Just Another Blog NowThe satirical weekly is ending its remaining print editions.
  3. washington redskins
    The Onion’s Latest Redskins Item Really Goes ThereThe paper calls owner Dan Snyder a “kike.”
  4. Leftovers
    Pearl & Ash Now Open Sundays; Corkbuzz Launches BrunchPlus: Butter rebrands, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  5. ‘The Onion’ Has a Great Piece Mocking Billboards for ‘Seinfeld’ RerunsIt’s strange that there are so many billboards for Seinfeld syndicated airings in big cities in 2013, and The Onion has a great article about […]
  6. ‘The Onion’ Turns 25 This WeekFake news juggernaut The Onion turned 25 yesterday. It was 1988 when two college students started the publication as a print newspaper. Now, […]
  7. ‘The Onion’ Nails ‘The Internship,’ ‘The Biggest Comedy of 2005’ Here’s a spot-on video from The Onion about this weekend’s Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson tech industry buddy comedy The Internship, which despite […]
  8. The Onion: ‘You Haven’t Seen ‘Frances Ha’ Until You’ve Seen It In IMAX’“Movies like Frances Ha are why IMAX was invented in the first place.” -A piece from The Onion , in which filmmaker Noah Baumbach makes a plea […]
  9. ‘The Onion’ Covers a Web Series Reaching the Unprecedented 100 Views Mark Here’s a new video from The Onion about a couple of friends whose web series has the rare distinction of having 100 people watch it – the […]
  10. The Onion: Woman Thinks All Her Friends Should Be Comedians The Onion put out this video yesterday, which really sticks it to that one annoying friend of a friend you have.
  11. Watch a Nice, Long Interview with the ‘Onion News Network’ Writers Here’s a never-before-scene, hour-long interview with the Onion News Network team, recorded at the Paley Center in 2011. Representing ONN are […]
  12. ‘The Onion’ Is Going on Tour Over the years, The Onion has branched out into TV, film, web video, and books, and now the franchise is taking on another piece of new […]
  13. controversies
    Here’s The Onion’s Report On the Quvenzhané Wallis Incident“The trusted news outlet has never been more popular, more admired, or more respected among Americans.”
  14. ‘The Onion’ Draws Criticism for a Tweet About Quvenzhané Wallis During last night’s Oscars ceremony, The Onion fired off a controversial tweet about one of the nominees before quickly deleting it an hour […]
  15. all apologies
    The Onion Apologizes to Quvenzhané Wallis“No person should be subjected to such a senseless, humorless comment masquerading as satire.”
  16. yuck
    The Onion Drops a C-Bomb on Quvenzhané Wallis, Enrages So Many PeopleYikes.
  17. Jeffrey Tambor to Star in a New Amazon Pilot for The OnionLast year, online retailer Amazon began developing six comedy pilots to be released streaming a la Netflix’s recent push to produce its own […]
  18. Quote of the Day
    Today in Sad Cow NewsNotes from slaughterhouse 5.
  19. Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: The Onion’s ‘The President of Vice: The […]If you have a Kindle and enjoy laughing at The Onion’s unique brand of political satire, specifically its depiction of ‘Diamond Joe’ Biden as a […]
  20. ‘The Onion’ Is Publishing a Joe Biden Autobiography Because It Would Be […] Some of the best stuff The Onion has published in recent years has been their stories about VP Joe Biden, depicting him as a sleazy party […]
  21. Amazon Orders Six Comedy Pilots from The Onion, Kristen Schaal and More Amazon.com is continuing to develop its slate of original TV series, with a strong emphasis on comedy. The online retailer just announced six […]
  22. dear leader
    China Celebrates Kim Jong-un’s Sexiest Man Alive Honor (From The Onion)Who’s laughing at whom here?
  23. ‘The Onion’ Has Tips for Avoiding Your Friends’ Political Facebook Posts Logging onto Facebook this week is like stepping onto a minefield, but instead of mines, this minefield is full of self-satisfied “I Voted” […]
  24. Talking to New Onion News Network Head Writer Andy MiaraLast year’s news of the Onion’s relocation from New York to Chicago and the resulting loss of staff brought with it several questions about the […]
  25. ‘The Onion’s New Video Series ‘Onion Talks’ Is Full of Important Ideas Today, The Onion is unveiling this important new web series, “Onion Talks,” a string of lectures from leading experts that will drop via The […]
  26. Ex-Onion Staff and Adult Swim Launch Thing X, “All the Internet You’ll […] Thing X, the new comedy website from Adult Swim and a bunch of former writers for The Onion went live today, and it’s full of exciting comedy […]
  27. Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: ‘The Onion Book of Known Knowledge’The Onion has a new book coming out a week from today, and it looks pretty amazing. The Onion Book of Known Knowledge: A Definitive […]
  28. ‘The Onion’ Launching TED Talks Parody ‘Onion Talks’ Highfalutin lecture series TED Talks are ripe for mockery, and who better to do it than the folks at The Onion? America’s finest news source […]
  29. ‘The Onion’s Joe Biden Beats Paul Ryan and the Real Biden at the Debate Beloved Onion character “Vice President Joe Biden” live-tweeted real-life person Joe Biden and real-life Republican Paul Ryan’s big debate […]
  30. onion talks
    The Onion Launching Its Own Version of TED TalksWhat is the biggest rock?
  31. ‘The Onion’ Character Joe Biden Will Be Live-Tweeting the VP Debate TonightBeloved fictional character Joe Biden, made famous via a series of sleazebag news stories on The Onion, will be live-tweeting the Vice […]
  32. Everything We Know About ‘The Onion’ Writers and Adult Swim’s New Website, […] Earlier this year, we reported that the former Onion writers who stayed in NYC instead of moving back to Chicago are working on a new web […]
  33. iran so far away
    Iranian Media Apology for Report on Onion PollSolid defense.
  34. hilarious errors
    Iranian News Agency Mistakes Onion’s Ahmadinejad Prank for Real NewsIran’s offensive leader is not, in fact, more popular than Obama among rural whites.
  35. The Value in ‘The Onion’s’ Response to the Empire State Building ShootingYou can read the full post here. (Before you react, I just want to point out that this was originally a post they had up yesterday. They had to […]
  36. President Obama Is Totally Starring in the Next Apatow Film Oddly enough, Barry Obams wasn’t the first choice for the role. Albert Brooks passed. Then Morgan Freeman passed, as to avoid being typecast. […]
  37. Adult Swim and Former ‘Onion’ Writers Are Teaming Up to Produce Comedy […]With The Onion officially all moved to Chicago from NYC, a bunch of writers who had no interest in moving to the midwest were left without an […]
  38. Olympic Gymnasts Are Weird, Broken People“‘This trip has been incredible, but really I’m already starting to miss home and being a weird kid who doesn’t have any friends,’ said the […]
  39. sex house
    Watch Episode Two of Sex HouseBeware the vents!
  40. ‘The Onion’ Weighs In on This Daniel Tosh BusinessThe Onion on Tosh: Daniel Tosh Chuckles Through Own Violent Rape.
  41. sex house
    Watch ‘Sex House,’ a Reality-Show Spoof From The Onion“Meeting new people is always a wonderful treasure.”
  42. Let’s All Move Into The Onion’s ‘Sex House’ The Onion has just debuted the first episode of their new “reality” series, Sex House, and it’s amazing. As pitch-perfect a parody of MTV […]
  43. Woman Attacks Husband Over ‘The Onion’This is real news but it sure reads like fake news. A Wisconsin wife was charged on Monday with one count of disorderly conduct domestic abuse […]
  44. My Five Favorite Onion News Network Videos of the Hundreds We MadeThis is my last week as head writer of the Onion News Network. The business side at The Onion, you may have heard, has decided to relocate the […]
  45. Baratunde Thurston Leaves ‘The Onion’; Argues for the Importance of Comedy“…in an increasingly noisy world of information and digital interactions, comedy can still deliver the truth in a way that captures people’s […]
  46. The Sad Details of The Onion’s Exodus to ChicagoJeez, the Onion’s editorial staff is really leaving New York. Well, uh, five out of the sixteen of them are. This story has the details of […]
  47. ink-stained wretches
    Writers at The Onion Refusing to Leave New York for ChicagoOnly five full-time editorial staffers have agreed to make the move with the company.
  48. The Onion News Network Is No MoreA day full of such IFC joy cannot avoid bringing with it a little IFC sadness. The Onion News Network has made its last broadcast and will not […]
  49. Got $10,000? Buy the Writers Room Table From The Onion’s New York Office[blackbirdpie id=”181864748978151424”] Now that the Onion is moving to Chicago, the staff has some priceless memorabilia to unload. Like their […]
  50. What Does the Onion Think of Recap Readers?“Sometimes me and another guy or two will be on there for hours, commenting back and forth about what’s happening with the show. It’s one of my […]
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