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The Oracle Of Omaha

  1. Warren Buffett Still Isn’t Ready to Name His SuccessorHe’s also not that enthusiastic about Twitter.
  2. Warren Buffett Keeps Buying Newspapers, for Some ReasonWhat’s another $142 million?
  3. Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders on Warren Buffett and His Eponymous RuleScenes from the annual meeting’s kickoff party. 
  4. Warren Buffett’s Childhood Home Not Exciting to AnyoneNo one bid on a charity dinner to be held where the billionaire grew up.
  5. Warren Buffett Will Joke About Anything Except Being GayThe billionaire loves posing for wacky photos, but men better not cross the line.
  6. Warren Buffett Was at the Reopening of the 40-40 Club Last NightGot some dirt on his shoulder.
  7. Warren Buffett Bought a Newspaper CompanyHe has money to blow.
  8. Warren Buffett’s Kids’ Cartoon Is Coming to TVApparently it’s seen some success as an online-only endeavor.
  9. Meet the Bad Cop to Warren Buffett’s Good CopHere, take her card!
  10. Watch Warren Buffett Describe the Debt Talks As a Giant Game of Chicken Played by Insane PeopleBoehner didn’t throw out the steering wheel, but a group behind him said ‘Throw out the steering wheel, Mr. Speaker.’”
  11. Warren Buffett Doesn’t Need Any More Tax BreaksReally! He said so himself.
  12. Warren Buffett Didn’t Want Jamie Dimon to Feel Left OutHe loves all his favorite bankers equally, and they are all different people with their own special talents, okay?
  13. Warren Buffett to Lloyd Blankfein: Don’t Leave Me!I want him to stay!”
  14. Warren Buffett Just Spent $9 Billion on the Stuff That Goes Into LubricantsBuffett aims his “itchy” trigger finger at Lubrizol.
  15. Warren Buffett Wanted to Kill an Elephant, But Will Settle for a Zebra in His ZooI’m always looking at the girl, but the girl may not be looking at me.”
  16. Warren Buffett to Retire From Washington Post Company BoardHe’s stepping down after 37 years.
  17. When It Comes to His Bridge Game, Warren Buffett Can Be a Little FlakyTell them I have a business meeting.”
  18. Warren Buffett Admits Whole Trickle-Down Thing Basically a LieThe rich actually just like to keep their extra cash in giant piles.
  19. Experts Weigh In on Todd Combs’s QualificationsSheryl Lucante, the maid of honor at his wedding, knows why Warren Buffett picked a little-known hedge-fund manager to run his empire.
  20. For a Moment We Allowed Ourselves to DreamBut Warren Buffett’s new successor was not who we hoped it would be.
  21. Meet the Next Warren BuffettThe investor-king appoints (anoints?) an anonymous hedge-fund manager to take over Berkshire Hathaway’s portfolio.
  22. Warren Buffett: Wall Street Is Doing God’s WorkExcept for on the weekends.
  23. Warren Buffett Spends a Lot of His Time Watching Videos on the InternetOne or two hours will go by and I’ve had the time of my life,” says the Oracle.
  24. Warren Buffett on the Housing Bubble: ‘Yeah, I Blew It’The Oracle is testifying in front of the Financial Crisis Commission today.
  25. Warren Buffett Defends Goldman, Eats Ice CreamDairy Queen. Yum.
  26. Warren Buffett Is Literally a Rock Star NowThe Oracle performs a power ballad.
  27. Did Charlie Munger Stumble Upon a New Model for Journalism?After he read an article he liked, he sat down and wrote the author a check.
  28. Warren Buffett Is a ComedianWell, this is what passes as funny on Wall Street.
  29. More Steaks, Less Shakes for Buffett DisciplesThe Oracle of Omaha cancels his famed meet-and-greet reception.
  30. Warren Buffett Is Sick and Tired of the Crisis, the Government, All of You PeopleThe Oracle lashes out.
  31. Warren Buffett to Dispense Folksy Financial Wisdom to ChildrenWarren Buffett will be starring in an animated series for children. This is going to be awesome.