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  1. first person
    Gregg Turkington Speaks Out on the New ‘Popular Film’ Oscars Category“Oscar, you finally got it right.”
  2. the oscars
    The Oscars Are Changing Because You Aren’t WatchingABC walked the Academy through the numbers and they were … not good.
  3. the oscars
    The Academy Is Adding a New Oscars Category for Popular FilmsThe people will be heard!
  4. the oscars
    The Academy Is Adding a New Oscars Category for Popular FilmsThe people will be heard!
  5. The Oscars’ Most Meaningful Gift: Its Lady Presenter PairingsThe show’s producers finally understood the value of letting women present together, women who — gasp — actually like each other in real life.
  6. oscars 2018
    The Hollywood PR Machine Has Finally Caught Up to #MeTooThat doesn’t mean things have actually changed.
  7. unlikely friendships
    How Chloe Kim Reacted to Frances McDormand’s Oscars Speech Shout-outThe start of a beautiful friendship.
  8. let's makeup
    The Best 37 Oscars Lipsticks of All TimeYou can still buy Angelina Jolie’s shade right now.
  9. what's good
    I Can’t Believe I’m Recommending This Ridiculous Sexy Spy MovieWhat’s good this week? Jennifer Lawrence’s Russian spy movie!
  10. oscars 2018
    There’s a Giant Harvey Weinstein ‘Casting Couch’ Statue on Hollywood BoulevardIt showed up days before the Oscars.
  11. grub guides
    10 Oscars-Viewing Parties Worth Checking Out in New YorkGrab some friends and head out to watch the 90th Academy Awards.
  12. the oscars
    Casey Affleck Pulls Out of Oscars Reportedly Because of #MeToo CampaignHe won’t present at this year’s ceremony.
  13. food films
    The Restaurant Documentary Knife Skills Was Just Nominated for an OscarThe film explores a French eatery with a mission.
  14. Jimmy Kimmel Will Return to Host Next Year’s Academy AwardsThe Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is planning way ahead for next year’s Oscars ceremony, because today they officially announced […]
  15. realizing things
    Everyone Realized All at Once That Was Mel Gibson’s Girlfriend, Not His DaughterHoo boy.
  16. Celebrate Awards Season ‘98 with ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ We are once again firmly entrenched in Hollywood’s favorite time of year: award season. As a nation we will thrill and speculate who will […]
  17. oscars 2016
    Chris Rock Will Get You Excited for the Oscars With 15 Seconds of StaticIt appears to be some sort of message.
  18. vampire breast lifts
    Academy Awards Sue Over Oscar Gift Bags#OscarsSoWhite and #OscarsSoAngry.
  19. People in Russia Are Making Leo Their Own OscarWe are losing the Oscar arms race.
  20. Here’s Chris Rock’s First Promo for the 2016 OscarsChris Rock is returning to host this year’s Academy Awards, and ahead of the big ceremony next month, the first New Years-themed (or at least, […]
  21. Frank Rich on the National Circus: McDonnell and Christie Rise and Fall TogetherThe great Republican Establishment’s hopes are dead on arrival.
  22. Leftovers
    Guy Fieri Invades The Golden State; Nobu Malibu Now Serving LunchAlso, there’s a Chinese restaurant called “Face” coming to Santa Monica.
  23. Celebrity Settings
    Anne Hathaway Parties at Eveleigh; Jessica Chastain Reveals Boyfriend at Fig &While the nominees mingled, Christina Aguilera took her opportunity to chow down at In-N-Out.
  24. Iran Put Some Extra Clothes on Michelle Obama at the OscarsThe country’s official news agency made her dress more modest.
  25. Cupmudgeon
    And The Cupcake Goes To…The red velvet beauties feature the signature naked golden eunuch.
  26. smell ya later
    Marchesa Got Their Perfume Oscar-Ready, TooIt comes in a pretty swank mirrored box.
  27. oscars conspiracy theories
    Congressman Laughs Off Oscar Conspiracy TheoryConnecticut Representative Joe Courtney insists that he’s not working for Ben Affleck.
  28. weekend box office
    Zero Dark Thirty Wide Release Opens BigWith $24 million.
  29. the oscars
    Sony Head Responds to Zero Dark Thirty Torture Criticism Now that Oscar voters are involved.
  30. non-apologies
    And Here Is Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscars Non-ApologyRight on time!
  31. the oscars
    Lorne Michaels Isn’t Producing the OscarsABC rejects Jimmy Fallon, Lorne Michaels rejects ABC.
  32. Celebrity Settings
    Mac and Cheese and In-N-Out Burgers Ruled Oscars After-PartiesMeanwhile, Cat Cora cooks sea bass and tenderloin for Elton John’s annual fund-raiser.
  33. Drinking Games
    How to Play The Oscars Drinking Game at Bodega Wine BarPrepare to get loaded, as you’ll drain your glass every time an actor “claims that they haven’t even prepared a speech.”
  34. the oscars
    See the Best Actor Nominees Answer the Same Questions Over and OverAnd see Jean Dujardin dance.
  35. Puck Plans
    Even The Academy Awards’ Governor’s Ball Dinner is Going Fast-Casual This YearWandering stars, along with a little liquor, ups the chances for star-on-star conflict, romance, and falling down.
  36. oscars
    The Kodak Theater Is No Longer the Kodak TheaterAnd the Oscars probably won’t stay there.
  37. the oscars
    Chastain Heard About Oscar Nod at Armani CoutureThat beats getting the news in one’s pajamas.
  38. the oscars
    Academy Reveals 97 Candidates for Best Original ScoreJohn Williams has two horses in the race.
  39. Eddie Murphy In Talks To Host OscarsSeeing as how four of his last six acting gigs involved him portraying a cartoon donkey, the idea of Eddie Murphy hosting the Oscars in 2012 […]
  40. Mediavore
    Top Ten Airport Restaurants; Mice Terrorists Invade Pennsylvanian Pizza ShopsLAX’s Encounter restaurant gets a nod, while a pizza shop owner is accused of terrorizing his competition.
  41. The Oscars
    Puck and Ludo Both Spun Sole for the StarsThe two chefs show that sustainability isn’t as big of a concern this year as it was when ‘The Cove’ won Best Documentary.
  42. The Oscars
    After The Oscars, We’re All Going To James Franco’s PlaceThe star is hosting both The Oscars and an after-party at his new place behind supperclub L.A.
  43. Quote of the Day
    Ludo Raids Elton John’s ClosetLudo Lefebvre cites his latest inspiration.
  44. User's Guide
    Where to Eat and Watch The Oscars, Depending On Your Hollywood RankSix different options for eating out while watching the Academy Awards show.
  45. Fever for Lefebvre
    Ludo Catering Elton John’s Oscars Bash; James Franco Opens a Not-So-Secret Bar aLudo Lefebvre is cooking for the 19th annual party, while Franco’s own underground venue gets exposed.
  46. the oscars
    Lauren Bacall Presented With Early OscarFour academy members win early lifetime achievement awards.
  47. William Monahan, Oscar Winner, Is Out of PrintHey, newly minted fans of Oscar-winning Departed screenwriter William Monahan, want to check out more of his work? Well, here’s the good news: Turns out he has an entire offscreen oeuvre. Monahan’s Wikipedia entry asserts that he “originally wanted to be a man of letters but found they no longer existed in America,” which, being on Wikipedia, may or may not be true. But we know that he’s an alum of both Spy and of the New York Press. And that he’s a published novelist, the author of 2002’s Light House. Plus, in 1997, he won a prestigious Pushcart Prize for a short story published in an obscure literary journal. So where can you find all this? Well, that’s the problem.
  48. Pigging Out With Oscar New York film critic David Edelstein and Hollywood producer Lynda Obst have been discussing the Oscar race since the nominations were announced. Today, their final thoughts. To: Lynda Obst Sent: Monday, February 26, 2007 1:38 PM From: David Edelstein Re: Last Year’s News Hi Lynda: The Oscars are such old news. Really, I went out for a hamburger last night and took a little walk (well, a half walk, half stumble) in the beautiful falling snow, and tens of thousands of bloggers filled the Internet with their musings. I wrote you last night that I had absolutely nothing to say and you didn’t think I had LITERALLY nothing to say, so I gather you were late for your post-Oscar party waiting for me and I’m so sorry.
  49. Let the Winners Speak! New York film critic David Edelstein and Hollywood producer Lynda Obst have been discussing the Oscar race since the nominations were announced. Today, their final thoughts. From: Lynda Obst Sent: Monday, February 26, 2007 11:43 AM To: David Edelstein Subject: The Aftermath Dear David, So it was the Departed mini-sweep we suspected it might be, all centered on the inevitable crowning of Marty as Best Director. From Editing on, it became a drumbeat, didn’t it? But before that, the most interesting trend that I hadn’t expected at all was the love showered on Pan’s Labyrinth — for a minute, I thought I was watching the Independent Spirit Awards. Art Direction, Makeup, Cinematography! Why not Director? All these choices determine the look of the movie, all are made by the director, all complete his vision. There were many tough choices this year, with this movie coming out late in the voting season, but it is curious in retrospect that Del Toro himself was not nominated by the director’s branch of the Academy.
  50. Wistfully Wishing for Politics, Comedies, Chick Flicks, and Al GoreOscar night is almost here! New York film critic David Edelstein and Hollywood producer Lynda Obst continue their discussion of the race. Check back after the ceremony for more. From: Lynda Obst Sent: Sunday, February 25, 2007 3:33 PM To: David Edelstein Subject: RE: Journey’s End Dear David, Maybe Al Gore will be that guy to bring politics to the Oscars tonight. This morning, the gang on This Week With George was still wistfully thinking he would declare for president when he grabs his statue tonight. If that happened, it would be news beyond a spectacular upset like Meryl beating Helen. I can report that Al was not, however, glad-handing or politicking Friday night at Mr. Lourd’s. Sorry, Cokie. At least the former vice-president will clearly remind us of what would have happened if the recount went right.
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