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Anatomy of a Failure: The Paul Reiser Show vs. Curb Your Enthusiasm

Any television show put on against American Idol has a hard row to hoe. Put it on mid-season, things get tougher. So maybe that was enough to doom Paul Reiser’s return to TV, no matter how good his show might have been. Reiser complains that [...]

By Michael Salop

Paul Reiser Visits Leno to Promote/Mourn His New/Canceled Show

Everyone needs to stand-up at their desk/card table in their parents' basement right now and given a round of applause for Paul Reiser's Leno interview. According to Leno's tentative banter, it seems that Reiser agreed to come on the show last [...]

By Halle Kiefer

The Paul Reiser Show Is Dead

Well, that was fast. NBC has decided to fill the 8:30pm Thursday night timeslot with reruns of The Office for the remainder of the season, killing off the low-rated Paul Reiser Show after merely two episodes. It's not too surprising, as the [...]

By Adam Frucci

Ratings For the Paul Reiser Show Get Worse, Somehow

Last week, the pilot for The Paul Reiser Show garnered the worst ratings for a debut in NBC history. And the second episode? A 23% drop to 2.54 million viewers and a 0.9 rating. Oof. The good news is that Community bounced back from its series [...]

By Adam Frucci

Paul Reiser’s New Promo He Made Just for Splitsider

As part of the promotional effort for The Paul Reiser Show, NBC had him do some promos that have him speaking directly to some websites, including this one. It is a bald marketing ploy, yes, but I never claimed to be above such things. Look, he [...]

By Adam Frucci

Perfect Couples Is Dead

So long, Perfect Couples, we barely knew ye. NBC has decided to pull the struggling show from the air with two episodes left unaired. But what of Olivia Munn, official representative of all women working in comedy? At least she still has a job [...]

By Adam Frucci

Is NBC Killing Off Its New Comedies Before They Air?

With the transfer of ownership of NBC from GE to Comcast, there are some new folks in charge with different ideas about what they want on the air. That puts some previously announced shows that have yet to premiere in an awkward position, [...]

By Adam Frucci