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The Post Racial World

  1. Most White People Don’t Have a Nonwhite FriendAccording to a new study from the Public Religion Research Institute.
  2. High-School Teacher Echoes Kelly on Black SantaDon’t you know Santa Clause is white? Why are you wearing that?”
  3. The FDNY Mailed a Bill to ‘Unknown Asian’ How did this happen?
  4. shop and frisk
    Jay Z Promises to Help Barneys Fix Its Racial Profiling Problem But he won’t be cancelling his collaboration with the store.
  5. Richard Cohen Sets High Bar for RacismGagging at the De Blasio family?
  6. Attorney General Investigating Barneys, Macy’sSomeone’s in trouble.
  7. Website Helps You Decide Whether or Not to Dress in Blackface for Halloween(You should not.)
  8. the post-racial world
    Second Barneys Shopper Claims Harassment And how she could afford such an expensive handbag.
  9. CNBC Reporter Regrets Suggesting ‘Mexican Music’ for Segment About Ted CruzIt was only because Ted Cruz is Texan. 
  10. Black Boss Not Allowed to Call Black Employee the N-Word, Jury SaysThe jury has spoken. 
  11. Racist Maine Official Insists He Would Have Called Mitt Romney the N-Word TooToday in weak excuses by scumbag racists. 
  12. 40 Percent of White People Have Zero Non-White FriendsNice work, America. 
  13. A Sad White Dude Contemplating the Decline of White PeopleHere’s why he’s doing this. 
  14. Accused Racists Are Still Using the ‘Black Friend’ Defense, at Least in KansasThis became a joke like 30 years ago, no?
  15. Ben Carson Says White Liberals Are the ‘Most Racist People There Are’Beg to differ.
  16. Friends and Supporters Rally Around Incredibly Racist EMT They are also incredibly racist.
  17. Israeli Soccer Fans Walk Out After Their Own Team’s Muslim Player Scores a GoalThey walked out when a Muslim player on their own team scored a goal.
  18. NAACP Official Blasts Controversial Businessweek CoverIt’s racist and a mischaracterization.”
  19. Bigot Is Also LiarHe’s going to stop the minorities!
  20. Maine’s Charlie Webster Dropping InvestigationThe backpedaling is complete.
  21. Maine GOP Chairman Defends HimselfCharlie Webster is not doing himself any favors.
  22. the post-racial world
    Today in ‘What — This? Racist?’Obama as a witch doctor in a New Jersey storefront.
  23. Despite Mixed Heritage, President Obama Is Hardly Post-RacialJohn McWhorter on Obama’s slave ancestor and his racial identity.
  24. RNC’s Spanish-Language Website Features Prominent Photo of Asian ChildrenWhoops.
  25. Ku Klux Klan Accuses Georgia of Playing the ‘Race Card’Too … much … irony. Can’t … breathe.
  26. Connecticut Teacher Bad at ImprovisingShe called her black student “black boy” when she couldn’t remember his name.
  27. National Review Axes Another White-Supremacist ContributorYikes. 
  28. Saying Racist Things on the London Underground?That’s a paddlin’.
  29. ‘Colored Only’ Sign Posted at SUNY New Paltz Water FountainThis is disturbing.
  30. Don’t Do Blackface, Part LXXIINever a good idea!
  31. There Are 757 Geographic Locations in the U.S. With ‘Negro’ in Their NamesRick Perry owns all of them. Kidding!
  32. America Finally Coming Around to Interracial MarriageUh, this took way too long.
  33. At Least One NYU Employee Was Not Shy About Being a Horrible RacistHe said some awful things to his African subordinate.
  34. Man Wearing Wire Catches Alabama State Senator Calling Black People ‘Aborigines’Now for the best part: The state senator was also the man wearing the wire.
  35. A Tumblr of Blatantly Racist People Claiming They Aren’t RacistYou are not allowed to say “I’m not racist, but” before dropping the N bomb.
  36. GOP Official Who E-mailed an Obama Monkey Photo Won’t ResignShe didn’t even know it was racist!
  37. Atonement, Thy Name Is BarbourHaley Barbour is pushing for Mississippi to build a civil rights museum.
  38. Haley Barbour Wisely Decides to Temper His Appreciation of White Supremacist GroupAfter yesterday’s outrage, the potential presidential hopeful backpedals.
  39. Potential Presidential Candidate Haley Barbour Fondly Remembers White Supremacist GroupWhy this was probably not a mistake.
  40. Dr. Laura Says N-Word Multiple Times on Air, Issues ApologyShe says she was attempting to make a “philosophical point.”
  41. Russia’s First-Ever Black Elected Official Does Not Appreciate Your Very Lazy Nickname for HimRussia’s Obama.”
  42. Howard Dean Lashes Out at Fox News ... During an Appearance on Fox NewsFox News did something that was absolutely racist.”
  43. New Obama-Administration Policy: No More Impulsive FiringsStarting … now!
  44. Shirley Sherrod’s Phone Call With President Obama Didn’t Go Exactly As She Imagined ItSounds like Obama wouldn’t stop talking.
  45. Shirley Sherrod Is Going to Force President Obama Into This MessShe wants to have a conversation with him.
  46. Bill O’Reilly Apologizes To Shirley Sherrod... Then Continues Criticizing HerMemo to Shirley: using phrases like ‘his own kind’ is not a good ‘bringing people together’ strategy.”
  47. Robert Gibbs Apologizes to Shirley SherrodSorry for firing you for no reason.
  48. Will Tom Vilsack Pull a Bud Selig?A blown call that has to be reversed.
  49. Campbell Brown to NAACP: ‘You’re the Ones to Blame Here’Not everything you see on the Internet is true,” she says.
  50. Black USDA Official Was So Racist to White Farmer That They Became ‘Friends for Life’The many twists and turns of the nation’s latest racial controversy.
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