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The Rich Hunt

  1. Contrary to Popular Opinion, Being Rich Is Not a Bed of RosesTo be rich now means to live with anxiety.”
  2. Rich People Employing Sneaky Tricks to Make Themselves Seem Less RichDO NOT BE FOOLED.
  3. Only a Few Rich Homeowners Are Ruthless, ShamelessThe ‘Times’ figures about wealthy people who default on their home loans are a little misleading.
  4. Times: All Rich People Are ‘Ruthless,’ ‘Shameless’Until they’re not rich anymore.
  5. Pestering and Pestilence at Goldman SachsThe firm is suffering in lots of small ways.
  6. Everyone Else’s Mistakes Are Goldman Sachs’s FaultIT WAS GOLDMAN MADE THEM DO IT!
  7. There Are Just Two Words Politicians Have to Say to Cast Suspicion on Their RivalsWall Street.”
  8. Justice Department Eyes Hamptons Real-estate AgentsThe question I think the Justice Department is asking is: Are they putting their own profits ahead of what they should be doing for the clients?”
  9. Another Goldman Sachs Conspiracy TheoryWhy is that new building so minimal-looking, anyway?
  10. ‘I Am Proud to Work on Wall Street,’Says financier who wishes to remain anonymous.
  11. Yesterday’s Wall Street Protest: A Good Time Was Had by AllCostumes, floats, and shiny sunglasses. Yesterday’s demonstrations were fun!
  12. Angry Populist Mob to Descend on Wall StreetA mob of protesters is making its way downtown as we speak (er, write?).
  13. John Paulson: Remember, I Used to Be Kind of a LoserHe’s not proud of it, but in light of recent events, he feels he should point that out.
  14. Mon Dieu! Attacked by Unfriendly Politicians, Fab Fab Flees BritainThe French salesman at the center of the SEC’s case against Goldman Sachs has left unfriendly England.
  15. Finally, a Defense of Goldman Sachs’s Massive Bonuses That Makes SenseYou don’t know how expensive it is to live in New York City.”
  16. JPMorgan Executive ‘Ran Like a Dog’ When Confronted by Angry HomeownersHe was scared to death because he doesn’t really want to talk to homeowners.”
  17. Former Wall Street Professional Attempts To Break Into Competitive New York MarketCupcakes.
  18. A Huge Amount of Angst Went Into Deciding New Bank of America CEO’s SalaryIt took over a month.
  19. nation of haters
    Doug Kass on the ‘Zeitgeist of Dissatisfaction’The populist uproar is different this time.
  20. Goldman Sachs Breaks Out Riot Gear After Blockbuster Earnings ReportIs it because of protesters? Or do they fear something else?
  21. Goldman Sachs Can’t Please All of the People Any of the TimeWith bonus day looming, the bank braces itself for furor from both sides.
  22. the greatest depression
    Bankers Now Taking Jobs Away From Old People, High-School StudentsFirst they blew up the economy. Now they’re stealing what few jobs are left.
  23. Bailed-Out AIG Employees Consider Bailing Out of CompanyInformed that their golden parachutes might soon expire, five executives threaten to leap.
  24. the rich hunt
    Goldman Sachs Will Pay For Ruining Ice Skating, Hot Chocolate, ChristmasHaven’t we had to put up with enough from this organization?
  25. Hurting AIG Is the Same As Hurting OurselvesIt would be like cutting, but instead we’d bleed money.
  26. And Now We’re HereA spokesperson for the service employees union accuses banks with swine-flu vaccine of “endangering the health of millions of Americans.”
  27. Today in Outrage: Goldman Sachs Is Taking Swine-Flu Vaccine From YOUR BABYGoldman and Citigroup both have doses of the swine-flu vaccine. But if the hordes of haters have anything to do with it, their at-risk employees may be out of luck.
  28. Great, Now the Rich Are Evolving Into a New SpeciesThe divide between the rich and poor may soon be much more evident.
  29. Who’s Stealing Americans’ Jobs Now?Another reason to be annoyed at the finance professionals who got us into the recession.
  30. Will the U.S. Government Agree to Subsidize Andrew Hall’s Schnabel Collection?Citigroup’s art-collecting, ballet-dancing top energy trader is owed $100 million. Will the government pay up?
  31. Ad Rallies Rage At Bankers, But Who’s Behind It?Scottish and Newcastle’s new viral ad makes fun of bankers, but the joke’s on us.
  32. Breaking: Banks Still Paying BankersTHIS IS AN OUTRAGE. No, not really.
  33. Williamsburg Will Eat ItselfThe recession exposes the paradox of Williamsburg hipster-bashing.
  34. Tomorrow, AIG Plans to Bring ItEdward Liddy and three of AIG’s trustees are due in front of Congress tomorrow, and they are pumped.
  35. Oprah: ‘It’s Great to Have a Private Jet’Let the healing begin.
  36. Cheat Sheet: Obama to Close Offshore Tax LoopholesFive simple things you need to know about Obama’s latest proposal.
  37. The Rich Don’t Want to Look Rich AnymoreThey’re trying to blend in.
  38. Finance Professionals Mocked, Made to Feel Small for First Time in LivesEnjoy the Schadenfreude, populist hordes.
  39. Models Are Being Held Accountable for Auto Industry’s SinsMisdirected populist rage goes to the New York Auto Show.
  40. ‘Hi, AIG. Not All of USA Hates You.’Kids empathize with harassed-feeling AIG executives.
  41. Outrage! AIG Executives on Another Retreat!Sharpen your pitchforks, populace: We’re going to Stockbridge, Massachusetts.
  42. AIG Exec Responds to Critics: ‘About My Balls…’The husband of last week’s raging AIG wife fights back.
  43. AIG Wife Fights Back: Cassano, Government ‘Betrayed Us’And Andrew Cuomo? “No better than a highwayman waving a gun.”
  44. the rich hunt
    Okay, Citigroup, You’ve Pissed Us OffJets and Zen gardens we could handle, but insane retention bonuses and a stupid fire sale have put us over the edge.
  45. Donnie Deutsch Wants to Accost Bonus-Takers In Front of Their KidsCan everybody calm down a little bit?
  46. Busload of Crazies to Tour Homes of AIG Executives This WeekendThis is so much worse than the ‘Sex and the City’ bus tour.
  47. The AIG Bonus Tax Makes People QueasyWhy this 90 percent tax isn’t sitting well with so many people, for so many reasons.
  48. Lynch Mob Discouraged by RainThey were going to take back the economy, but then the weather intervened.
  49. AIG Execs Fear Being Killed, Member of Congress Calls Them ‘Losers’Is it just us or is civilization falling apart a little?
  50. Marie Douglas-David’s Complete ExpensesHer personal assistant is well compensated. As is her furrier!