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The Sequester

  1. Senate Passes FAA Furlough-Aversion BillBorrows from airport improvement funds to keep air-traffic controllers at work.
  2. President Obama Is Taking a Pay CutBecause of the sequester.
  3. Hundreds of Airports to Lose Air-Traffic ControlCool.
  4. Obama Cancels White House Tours, GOP Rep. Tries to Cancel His Golf OutingsHe and Tiger won’t be playing a round on the White House lawn.
  5. What Did the Sequester Do This Weekend? Yellowstone, the military, and President Obama.
  6. By the Way, It’s Really Called ‘the Sequestration’Sequester” is more of a verb.
  7. President Obama Badly Bungles Nerd Reference [Updated]Jedi mind meld” is not a thing.
  8. craigslist of the day
    New York Men Looking for Sequester Sex on CraigslistWorth a shot?
  9. John Boehner Loses the Grammarian VoteHe wants the Senate to “get off their ass.”
  10. The Absolute Moron’s Guide to the SequesterEverything you wanted to know about the sequester, but were too dumb to ask.