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  1. Wishful Dems Call for Delay of Kavanaugh Hearings After Cohen’s Guilty PleaYeah … that’s not going to happen.
  2. Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Hearings to Begin September 4Senate Republicans are hoping to have him seated before the start of the court’s October term.
  3. The First Amendment Won Big at the Supreme Court TodayThe court handed down rulings that could make the Washington Redskins and anyone blocked on Twitter by Donald Trump very happy.
  4. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Jokes That She’ll Move to New Zealand If Trump Is ElectedIn case she was unclear last week, she’s Team Hillary.
  5. the supremes
    How Scalia’s Absence Is Affecting This Supreme Court TermWith only eight justices, the Court’s decisions could have chaotic results.
  6. GOP Fights for Hillary Clinton’s Right to Select SCOTUS NomineeMcConnell says the Senate GOP would rather let her pick than consider Merrick Garland.
  7. John Heilemann: The Case for Merrick GarlandFrom 2010, the case for nominating the man Obama nominated six years later.
  8. Justice Scalia Died While Vacationing With a Secret Society of Elite HuntersWho keeps gerrymandered districts on the maps? Who keeps the liberals under wraps? We do, we do!
  9. Latest Conspiracy Theory: Poor Health Killed Justice ScaliaNew details about his various ailments have emerged.
  10. GOP Rethinks Plan to Obstruct Obama’s Supreme Court NomineeSome feel it’s bad for the party, though they have no intention of seeing Obama’s nominee confirmed.
  11. The Battle for the Supreme Court Is About to Go MainstreamScalia’s death means the shape of the Court will be a campaign issue for the first time.
  12. Judge Discloses Scalia’s Health ProblemsHe had heart problems and high blood pressure, but the way his death was investigated was still odd.
  13. Antonin Scalia May Be Losing the Culture Wars, But He’s Winning the Zinger WarsThe more isolated he gets, the more extravagant his rhetoric becomes.
  14. SCOTUS’s Hints at Gay-Marriage RulingThat’s what Clarence Thomas made it sound like.
  15. Gay-Marriage Bans Are Back in 4 StatesThe first loss for equality in a long time.
  16. Federal Judge to Supreme Court: ‘STFU’Complete with a link to UrbanDictionary. On his blog.
  17. What’s Next in the Contraceptive Coverage FightObama eschews executive action, says Congress should solve the problem.
  18. SCOTUSblog Trolls Angry Supreme Court TweetersSCOTUSblog is not run by Scalia, believe it or not.
  19. Religious Bosses Don’t Have to Buy Birth ControlThe Supreme Court ruled in favor of religion, 5-4.
  20. Abortion Protesters Can Now Get Much Closer to ClinicsThe Supreme Court rules that a buffer zone outside of clinics is unconstitutional.
  21. The Supreme Court Describes Cell-Phone ObsessionThe Court ruled unanimously that cell-phone searches require warrants.
  22. Scalia, Shockingly, Hates Hearing Rock Music in PublicStravinsky, too, though — any music, really.
  23. Supreme Court Approves Mostly Christian Prayers at Town MeetingsThe Court upheld the practice in Greece, New York, by a vote of 5-4.
  24. Scalia, Roberts Think Having Two Cell Phones Is Very Strange, SuspiciousThe Supreme Court continues its streak of not knowing much about technology.
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    There Are Lots of Bad Ways to Describe Aereo, Including MineIt’s not easy to describe Aereo, since nothing is like broadcast TV.
  26. 8 Times the Supreme Court Was Bewildered by TechnologyWhat is the difference between the pager and the email?”
  27. Justice Scalia Learned the Difference Between TV and HBO TodayDuring the Supreme Court arguments on Aereo, Scalia was informed about premium cable.
  28. Aereo Is a Ridiculous Company. The Supreme Court Should Shut It Down.The TV start-up is a Rube Goldberg–esque end-run around copyright law.
  29. Sotomayor’s Epic Affirmative-Action-Ban DissentThe court ruled against her 6 to 2.
  30. More Money in Politics Couldn’t Hurt, Supreme Court RulesThe overall limit on campaign contributions has been struck down.
  31. Supreme Court Leaning Toward Hobby Lobby in Contraception CaseBased on reports from today’s arguments.
  32. Supreme Court Staying Out of ‘I Heart Boobies’ FightFree-speech and breast-cancer awareness win.
  33. The Supremes
    Antonin Scalia Says Chicago Deep-Dish ‘Shouldn’t Be CalledNow all we need is for Ruth Bader Ginsburg to weigh in on the virtues of New York’s taco scene and we’ll be set.
  34. Justice Sotomayor Will Preside Over Times Square Ball DropNot that anyone will be able to see her.
  35. Obamacare Contraception Case Headed to Supreme Court, ‘by God’s Grace’Craft store Hobby Lobby fights for religious liberty.
  36. Supreme Court Not Great at the InternetHalf of their links are dead.
  37. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Doesn’t Plan on Retiring Anytime SoonBut the 80-year-old has stopped waterskiing.
  38. Supreme Court Justices Do Not E-mail Each Other Or anyone else, probably.
  39. Antonin Scalia Thinks Gay People Are an Invented Minority He’s still not into gay marriage.
  40. Justice Scalia Knew This Was Going to HappenHe warned us about “the so-called homosexual agenda” in his sodomy dissent ten years ago.
  41. Supreme Court Strikes Down DOMA, Passes on Prop 8Both by 5–4 votes.
  42. Supreme Court Strikes Down Key Provision of the Voting Rights Act The vote was 5–4 along predictable lines. 
  43. The Supreme Court’s Gene Patent Ruling Is Good for Breast Cancer TestingThe costs may go down.
  44. DNA Samples Are the New Fingerprints, Supreme Court SaysThe court has upheld warrantless cheek swabs.
  45. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer’s Bad Luck Returns He fell off his bike again.
  46. John Roberts Keeps Telling People About His Cash SituationApparently someone stole his credit card number.
  47. the supremes
    Roberts Skeptical DOMA Was About DiscriminationWhy is this hard to understand?
  48. DOMA Appears Doomed, According to Supreme Court GuessersEighty percent doomed, apparently.
  49. Breaking Down DOMA Day at the Supreme CourtIt’s round two for gay marriage.
  50. Listen to the Supreme Court Joke About Infertility and Strom ThurmondThere was legitimate laughter!
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