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Are Ben Silverman and NYT's Bill Carter Too Chummy?

dear friend [deer frend] 1. Not an active enemy. 2. Someone you do low-effort favors for sometimes, and who does low-effort favors for you. 3. Someone whose children you would not hesitate to devour if it would advance your career even an iota.

Fake ‘Watchmen’ Viral Sites Spur Movie-Blog Flame War

The long-anticipated movie of Watchmen, considered by many the definitive graphic novel of all time, by Zack Snyder, director of megahit 300, promises to be a nerd-culture event of the highest degree. So movie and comics blogs got pretty excited when two Websites popped up seemingly related to the Warner Brothers film.

Paul Dergarabedian Must Be Stopped

Paul Dergarabedian has the easiest job in the world. His job is to take box-office numbers and say something lame about them. That's why today we're launching our Summer 2007 Paul Dergarabedian Watch.

Will Carrie Bradshaw Learn the Lessons of Butt-Head?

Producers have just announced that the long-anticipated Sex and the City movie has finally gotten the official green light, with all four original stars signing on after much wringing of well-manicured hands over the years. It's clearly a bit late for the project to get under way, so today's announcement begs for a little light historical analysis of the time-honored practice of milking hit shows to their last, overhyped drop.

Will ‘Ratatouille’ Be Pixar's First Flop?

Amid all the Live Free or Die Hard hoopla, it's been easy to forget there's another potential box-office monster opening this week: Ratatouille, the newest film from Pixar, the geniuses who have delivered a nearly uninterrupted string of artistic and commercial triumphs since 1995's Toy Story.

Why Is Your Cubicle So Quiet Today?

As many frustrated office drones have noticed, a broad swath of the Web has gone quiet, with scores of Internet radio stations observing an organized Day of Silence in protest of the upcoming July 15 change in Internet-music royalty rates.