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Paul Feig on the Decline of the Blockbuster Rom-Com

As the current wisdom goes: Men are stubborn; women are flexible. "It's the 'Will you hold my purse?' theory," Feig explains. "A guy's in a store with his wife or girlfriend and she asks him to hold her purse, it's, like, Kryptonite or [...]

By Megh Wright

Donald Glover Is Your Neo-Michael Jackson

The tag line on Donald Glover's Village Voice interview is "The comedian/writer/emo rapper is on a collision course with stardom. The only question is, will he survive?" Clearly yes, right? Aside from drinking and poaching ladies from under DC [...]

By Halle Kiefer

The Village Voice On The Comedian As Artist

Respect: typically we can't get none of it. However, in The Village Voice article, "Have You Heard the One About the Art Scene Embracing Comedians?," author Martha Schwendener argues that the comedy scene  is currently getting a shout-out from [...]

By Halle Kiefer