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‘The Watch’ Wasn’t Watched this Weekend

The Watch earned only $13 million this weekend, which is frankly pretty damn bad. It's exactly the same amount as what That's My Boy disappointedly earned its opening weekend. The Olympics might've hurt it a little but apparently it was [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Richard Ayoade Explains Becoming a Comedian at Law School

"When I was at university, they had a club that does comedy that I became involved in. I was in a very privileged position in that they got to put on shows because a number of great comedians came from there, like John Cleese and Stephen Fry. I [...]

By Jesse David Fox

The Lonely Island Celebrate One Billion YouTube Views with a Hot Song

It's odd that "one of the best scenes" in The Watch seems more like a promo for the movie than anything that would fit into a narrative. Who promotes a movie to people already watching it?  Those Lonely Island guys sure are irreverent. Kongrats [...]

By Jesse David Fox