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  1. good ideas
    There Should Be No Internet for One Weekend Per MonthA good idea.
  2. How the World Is Reacting to Trump’s Paris DecisionThe great negotiator can’t get anyone to negotiate with him.
  3. Emmanuel Macron Hires Center-Right Mayor As His New Prime MinisterMacron is trying to build broad support from moderates on both the left and the right.
  4. Photos: Thousands of Refugees Camped at ChunnelMore than 1,500 migrants tried to cross Tuesday night, and at least one died in the attempt.
  5. The U.K. May Never Be the Same After Yesterday’s ElectionDisunity looms over the kingdom.
  6. A Nepalese Photographer Captures Quake AftermathA survivor is also a documentarian.
  7. quotables
    Who’s the Biggest Feminist in the World? It’s MileyAccording to who? Miley.
  8. The Markets Are Very Upset This AfternoonConcerns about financial regulation, Europe, and the domestic economy have roiled the markets.
  9. The Rain: It’s Not Personal New York has received eight inches of rain this month.
  10. Is This a Monster or Just a Prehistoric Sea Creature?Either way, it is terrifying.
  11. Paul Krugman: ‘The End of the World Has Been Postponed’The economist concedes that the sky is not falling — yet.
  12. The End of the World Is Upon UsThe World has been canceled.”