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The Worst Form Of Travel

  1. Edward Snowden Is Now Joke Fodder for PilotsPilots sure do love jokes!
  2. Hundreds of Airports to Lose Air-Traffic ControlCool.
  3. Newark TSA Better at Finding Vibrators Than They Are at Finding BombsFail.
  4. Texas Man’s Princess Bride T-Shirt Scared Passengers on 2010 FlightWhy does this keep happening!?!
  5. Plane Passengers Exhibit Inconceivable Lack of Pop-Culture AwarenessAn Inigo Montoya quote raises alarms.
  6. Police Nab TSA Thief With ‘Bait iPads’No one can resist a shiny Apple product.
  7. sad things
    Maggie Rizer’s Dog Allegedly Killed by United AirlinesThis is terribly sad.
  8. Queens Man Allegedly Orders Another Man’s Package on JetBlue FlightIt’s one thing to hog an armrest …
  9. the worst form of travel
    The Airlines Are Losing All of the Fashion Editors’ Luggage!It’s a conspiracy.
  10. False Alarm in Bomb Scare on Flight From JFK to SpainThere’s no reason to become alarmed.
  11. Henry Kissinger Will Not Carpet Bomb TSA HeadquartersHe commends them for a job well done. 
  12. Authorities: Al Qaeda May Use ‘Body Bombs’ on U.S.-bound PlanesAs in, inside the bodies of terrorists.
  13. Dog on Runway Delays Flight at LaGuardiaWe’re surprised they didn’t shoot it.
  14. Geese Strike AgainTwo geese hit a JetBlue plane Tuesday night, forcing an emergency landing.
  15. the worst form of travel
    Lots of Bunnies Have to Die So That We Can Fly in AirplanesNinety-nine were killed last year at JFK alone.
  16. the worst form of travel
    Bar Refaeli Got Groped by a Lady at the AirportAnd lived to tweet about it.
  17. Dumb and Dumber: Diverted Flight EditionSomeone did something dumb. Then someone did something even dumber.
  18. Pilot Said ‘Mom on Board,’ Not ‘Bomb on Board’Are you people death or something?
  19. Today in Ballsy TSA TheftsSomeone took $5,000 right out of a jacket.  
  20. The TSA Is Writing Notes AgainMaaaaaybe.
  21. Three Reasons Why the Original Sully Is Better Than the Polish SullySorry, Tadeusz Wrona.
  22. Watch a Newark Flight Touch Down in Poland Without Landing GearEveryone was okay.
  23. TSA Agents Stole a Lot of Money From Someone’s LuggageThese people.
  24. That Vibrator-Loving TSA Agent Has Been DisciplinedThe TSA isn’t messing around.
  25. The TSA Just Wants You to Know That It Fully Supports Your Vibrator UseA blogger gets a creepy/hilarious note in her luggage.
  26. Seriously, Turn Off Your Cell Phone While the Plane Is LandingYou don’t want to end up in jail.
  27. Newark Airport Is Where On-Time Flights Go to DieOut of the 100 most-delayed flights over the past year, 40 of them departed or arrived in Newark.
  28. We Feel You, Laura IngrahamTwist!
  29. The TSA Is Really Trying to Not Look at Your Gross Lumpy BodyNew scanning software will spare you your precious modesty.
  30. If You Thought TSA Pat-Downs Were Intimate Enough Already...Terrorist groups want to surgically implant explosive devices on passengers’ bodies.
  31. Long Island Man Really Hates Flying CoachHe’s accused of impersonating a soldier in order to get upgraded to first class.
  32. JFK Barely Concerned by Guy Who Claimed to Have a BombHe also claimed to be Osama bin Laden.
  33. Here’s What It Looked Like When Those Jets Bumped at JFKKind of worse than we expected?
  34. Things You Can’t Do on an AirplaneA New York man gave people a fright this weekend.