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There's An App For That

  1. there's an app for that
    Filed Under ‘Planned Parenthood’s Got Your Back’: A New Period-Tracker App PP on the go.
  2. there's an app for that
    Uber’s New York Empire Expands, at the Expense of Yellow TaxisUber growth can be a zero-sum game.
  3. there's an app for that
    How 33 Famous New Yorkers Use Their PhonesWe asked.
  4. there's an app for that
    L’Oréal Paris Made an App for Trying on MakeupTest new products without them ever touching your face.
  5. there's an app for that
    The Nice Girls of Lulu, So-Called ‘Yelp for Men’On the app for slandering ex-boyfriends, courtesy reigns.
  6. our selfies ourselves
    A New App Uses Selfies to Measure Your Bra SizeThe surest way to keep women buying bras. 
  7. desperate apps
    In Brazil, Spying on Your Lover Just Got HarderThere’s no longer an app for that.
  8. men's rights
    New App to ‘Doxx’ Men With Penis Size, Income Raises Rancor on RedditTwo genders can play this game, sadly.
  9. there's an app for that
    Lady Gaga’s New Album Will Be More of an ArtsperienceAs in, it will be an app.