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This! Is! Kind Of Scary!

  1. IBM’s Watson to Use Its Powers for Good?They’re turning him into your new robot doctor.
  2. How Not to Run Meeting When You’re in Charge of a Nuclear Power PlantBy the way, we’re all gonna die!”
  3. In Which We Confused a Robot for a HumanIt. Looks. So. Real.
  4. Warning: After Reading This, You Will Want Ken Jennings to Be Your New Best NerdProbably.
  5. IBM’s Watson Loses to Congressman, Discovers LoveRush Holt 2016.
  6. Once Again, the Robot Takeover Will Begin With Sex AppealWatson knows how to win us over.
  7. How Watson Is Just Like a Human Jeopardy! ChampionKen Jennings explains.
  8. Yup, Watson Smoked Its CompetitionI, for one, welcome our new computer overlords.”
  9. Whoops, We Built a Supercomputer That Beats Us at Jeopardy!In the “could God create a rock so heavy even he couldn’t lift” category …
  10. Humans at Least As Smart As SupercomputersSo far.
  11. Robot Apocalypse Draws Nearer With IBM’s Jeopardy! VictoryWatson” defeated two very smart human people today.