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    Please Don’t Eat a Tide Pod, No Matter What the Memes SayA reminder that ingesting laundry detergent, even detergent that looks like candy, can kill you.
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    This New York Apartment Has a Lovely Mandy Moore Mosaic in the ShowerA truly lifelike piece of, um, art.
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    Bieber’s Dad Being Super-Creepy About Son’s PenisHis baby boy is a man now.
  4. This Is Weird
    Yes, This Is Ramen Ice CreamAnd, of course, it’s being served by an instant-ramen museum in Japan.
  5. this is weird
    Woman Made Possibly Delicious Yogurt From Her VaginaYes.
  6. this is weird
    Cara Delevingne Gets Out-Weirded by Die AntwoordWelcome to the big leagues, Cara.
  7. the downturnaround
    There’s a Guy in Times Square Giving Away Free MoneyAnd it’s not the Naked Cowboy, or Steve Schwarzman suffering a psychotic break.