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Thursday Styles

  1. the queendom and the power
    The Times Says Adult Women Are Wearing Tiaras to MeetingsBecause empowerment.
  2. body shop
    An Incomplete History of Body Trends, According to the New York TimesAccording to the New York Times “Style” section.
  3. ink-stained wretches
    Stuart Emmrich to Take Over ‘Styles’ Section From Trip GabrielGabriel, the editor of the sections for twelve years, will return to reporting.
  4. aggravating insurance giants
    My Government Gave A.I.G. $180 Billion and All I Got Was This Stupid T-shirtThe ironic A.I.G. T-shirt makes it into “Thursday Styles.”
  5. beauty marks
    Since When Is Going to the Gyno a Spa Experience?
  6. intel
    ‘Thursday Styles’ Today: Let’s Talk About Sex, BabySo apparently there’s a new etiquette problem facing New York’s Stylish class: People have become too willing to talk about porn in public, and sometimes their offhand pornversations can be embarrassing to their friends and loved ones. These people talk about porn as though it’s socially acceptable (maybe it is?) — and in a mere two days you’ll be able to learn all about them in the “Thursday Styles” section of the Times. How do we know this? Because a few folks here, and several people we know elsewhere, received an unsolicited, self-promotional mass e-mail from a certain “Styles” reporter looking for sources to talk on the subject, with a near-immediate deadline of tomorrow. In a subsequent “Thursday Styles,” by the way, we suspect you might learn about the new trend of reporters scooping their own work by e-mailing a good chunk of their competition about it. But that’s just a hunch. Style [NYT]