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Ticket Splitting

  1. 2020 senate elections
    Susan Collins’s Approval Rating Dives As Reelection Contest ApproachesThe senator is losing popularity and is lashed to a president who is even more unpopular than she is in Maine.
  2. 2018 midterms
    2018 Midterms Offered More Proof That Split-Ticket Voting Is a Thing of the PastDespite some much-publicized exceptions, voters in the 2018 midterms tended to go all-in on one party.
  3. Senate Democrats Are Fighting Some Brutal Trends in the MidtermsIn November, they must overcome not just an adverse landscape, but a recent trend toward partisan consistency in Senate voting.
  4. The Election Without Ticket-SplittersEverybody thought unpopular White House candidates would mean more cross-party voting. Not so.
  5. Should Hillary Clinton Spend So Much Time Pursuing Republican Voters?There’s not much evidence that all of the outreach to GOP voters is working, and it could even help Republicans hang on to Congress.
  6. Republicans Will Need a Return to Ticket-Splitting If Trump Gets TrouncedTicket-splitting is on the decline in recent presidential-election years, but Donald Trump could be just the guy to bring it back.