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  1. playlists
    A November Playlist From a Fashion InsiderAlexander Olch spoke to the Cut about his exclusive playlist in collaboration with Barneys.
  2. covers
    Beyoncé Remixes Prince’s ‘Darling Nikki’Queen Bey shouts out Nicki “Rap Queen” Minaj.
  3. tidal
    Jay Z Gets Tidal Theater at the Barclays CenterHov is keeping his interests in Brooklyn.
  4. concert review
    Live Review: Jay Z Brings Tidal to BrooklynBeyoncé and Nicki Minaj gave the night its most-talked-about moment.
  5. looking back at it
    A GIF Guide to Feeling Yourself Like Bey & NickiBecause we’re just here for the dancing.
  6. who run the world
    Here’s Nicki and Bey’s Tidal PerformanceSo you think you can dance.
  7. lawsuits
    Jay Z Accidentally Admitted in Court That Sometimes Even He Forgets About TidalHe took the stand in the “Big Pimpin’” trial on Wednesday.
  8. tidal
    Jay Z, Beyoncé, Prince, and More to Play Tidal Benefit Concert Next MonthIt’ll be livestreamed for free!
  9. the streaming wars
    Tidal Has Begun Selling CDsWell, this was unexpected — but yay, Prince!
  10. Prince Makes Good on Word, Releases Latest Album on TidalIt still stings, even though we knew this was happening.
  11. music
    Apple Tries to Block Tidal’s Stream of Drake’s Charity Performance, FailsTidal and kids affected by Hurricane Katrina: 1, Apple: 0.
  12. streaming
    Lil Wayne Drops New Mixtape on TidalThe streaming service is continuing to rack up exclusives.
  13. right-click
    Prince Had an Interesting Day With MusicHe surprise-released one song and then made the rest of his music very hard to listen to.
  14. tidal
    Tidal Gives Student Discount, New Lil Wayne SongSo generous.
  15. Beyoncé, Co-owner of Tidal, Might Have to Take Her Music Off Tidal [Updated]Sony isn’t having it.
  16. open letters
    New Beef Alert: Jay Z vs. WaterA utility company is mad at Jay Z’s statement about water.
  17. tidal
    Jack White Tries to Convince Himself That Tidal Isn’t So Bad“What is elitist about it?”
  18. videology
    Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj Premiere Video on TidalWe have some screenshots!
  19. freestyle
    Jay Z Disses Spotify, YouTube in New Freestyle“I feel like YouTube was the biggest culprit.”
  20. fresh prince
    Prince’s Rally 4 Peace Concert 2 Stream on TidalHe also released his song about Baltimore on Saturday morning.
  21. tidal
    Jay Z to Perform B-Sides at Free NYC ConcertFor Tidal subscribers, of course.
  22. tidal waves
    Jay Z Issues ‘Stream of Consciousness’ Defense of Tidal On Twitter.
  23. Why Jay Z’s Tidal Has Been a Boon for SpotifyTidal is tanking. But other, bigger streaming services aren’t.
  24. music
    Report: That Rumored Jay Z–Beyoncé Album Is Coming to TidalThere will be riots … or at least a lot of illegal downloads.
  25. the bigger picture
    Don’t Sound the Death Knell for Tidal Just YetThere’s still time for the streaming service to turn things around.
  26. quotables
    Kanye Really Wants You to Know Tidal Isn’t the IlluminatiHe’s also not that in love with music anymore.
  27. Tidal CEO to Be ReplacedProbably not on Hov’s call list today.
  28. music
    Steve Albini on Tidal and the Problem With ‘Little Streaming Fiefdoms’“The question is, is it possible for something to be more convenient than streaming?”
  29. tidal
    Mumford & Sons Hate Jay Z’s Tidal Almost As Much As They Hate Their BanjosGuitarist Winston Marshall thinks it’s owned by “new-school fucking plutocrats.”
  30. Tidal Needs More Than Hi-Fi Sound (and Jay Z) to SurviveJay Z must find a solution to a problem that has plagued the music business for decades.
  31. All the Artists Who Own Tidal Are Secretly the New Avengers All of your favorite artists are here to save the music-streaming business … for themselves.
  32. entrepreneurial dreams
    Jay Z’s TIDAL Just Got Very Big, Very Public Celeb Endorsements#TIDALforALL.