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  1. in the hole
    A Shirt Tiger Woods Wore and Signed Is $16,000 on Rue La LaYou guys! There’s only ONE LEFT!
  2. gossipmonger
    Alicia Keys Is ExpectingAnd she and Swizz Beatz are engaged!
  3. gossipmonger
    Bret Michaels Not Ashamed to Take the Pity VoteHe told his ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ competitor Holly Robinson Peete that his recent health problems very well might have put him over the top.
  4. tiger catches tail
    Alleged Woods Mistress Rachel Uchitel to Pose for PlayboyAll those years of winking and posing with her mouth open have not gone to waste!
  5. chat room
    Iron Man 2’s Garry Shandling on Conan, Leno, Tiger“I like to talk on the cell when I do interviews. That way, I double my chances of getting brain cancer: from the cell phone, and from the questions.”
  6. men are little boys
    Tiger Woods Is Basically a Gigantic ToddlerWith, you know, a billion dollars.
  7. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods Had Affairs With 121 WomenThe ‘Enquirer’ has done the necessary research to determine this number.
  8. gossipmonger
    Rihanna Can’t Catch a BreakUnless it’s in her rib.
  9. late night
    Tobey Maguire Owes Tracy Morgan $75Tracy Morgan confirms an Internet rumor on ‘The Daily Show With Stew-Beef.’
  10. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods Divorce Looming, For RealIt’s not just that Elin skipped the Masters.
  11. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods Wins America Back by Playing GolfData indicate that Woods’s approval rating is way up.
  12. gossipmonger
    Demi Moore Wants You to Guess Which Part of Her Is Fake“I have had something done, but it’s not on my face,” the actress taunts. And more compelling celebrity riddles, in our daily gossip roundup.
  13. so there
    Brooklynite Jendayi Trimble Has Some Real Talk for People Obsessed With the Tiger Woods and Sandra Bullock Affairs“People should just worry about their own relationships.”
  14. gossipmonger
    Kelly Killoren Bensimon Wants You to Think She Doesn’t Know What a Vibrator Looks LikeShe wouldn’t pose with one at a party.
  15. hairy situations
    Image Consultant Calls Tiger Woods’s New Goatee ‘Low Rent’But what better way to emerge from a sex scandal?
  16. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods: ‘The Fact that I Won Golf Tournaments Is Frankly Irrelevant’The golf great faces reporters’ questions before the Masters.
  17. gossipmonger
    Heidi Klum Doesn’t Mind If You Catch Her NakedAnd we don’t mind if we do.
  18. tiger catches tail
    Woods Arrives at Augusta, Media Brigade FollowsTiger will be accompanied by 90 bodyguards this week.
  19. gossipmonger
    Def Jam Wondering If ‘Enough Is Enough’ for Jennifer LopezAn accidentally released track doesn’t sound so great — for J.Lo’s future with her label.
  20. tiger catches tail
    Rachel Uchitel Has $10 Million Worth of Filthy Stories About Tiger WoodsReportedly.
  21. chat room
    Donald Trump Weighs In on Woods, James Scandals“Everyone who got caught up in an affair seems to be entering rehab. I never entered rehab.”
  22. Celebrity Settings
    Jesse James Rally Planned at Cisco Burger; Barton Barfs at Chateau MarmontBreakfast and motorcycles will feature heavily.
  23. that's infotainment!
    ‘Babble On’: Good for You, Ricky Martin!Mainstays Jesse James and Tiger Woods are back, but Ricky Martin’s sexuality makes its (long-expected) debut into our week in infotainment!
  24. tiger catches tail
    Woods Mistresses: Tiger Was Cheap, Randy, GrossAnd he hung out with bad role models!
  25. gossipmonger
    Jake Pavelka Admits He Wants to Be an ActorWe watched ‘The Bachelor.’ He is not good at this.
  26. gossipmonger
    Jesse James Had Better Remove Any Potential Bludgeoning Devices From the HouseSandra Bullock has admitted that if she were Elin Nordegren, she wouldn’t have stopped whaling on Tiger last Thanksgiving.
  27. gossipmonger
    Marriage, to Sarah Silverman, Is ‘Like Eating Meat’Oh, come on!
  28. Sixteenth Tiger Woods Mistress Finally Comes ForwardPorn star Devon James arrives late to the party.
  29. last night on late night
    Late Night: Rockapella Does ItPlus Charles Barkley hated Avatar on our regular late-night roundup.
  30. tiger catches tail
    CBS Turned Down Chance to Interview TigerAfter learning of five-minute time limit, network declined opportunity to become third channel to air an interview.
  31. tiger catches tail
    Woods Evasive in First Post-Scandal Interview: ‘I’ve Done Some Pretty Bad Things’ESPN reporter given just five minutes to question Tiger.
  32. tiger catches tail
    Joslyn James Posts Tiger Woods ‘Sexts’WARNING: Extremely filthy material ahead.
  33. tiger catches tail
    Obama Confident Tiger Will ‘Still Be a Terrific Golfer’The president weighs in on Tigergate.
  34. cartoons
    South Park’s Season Premiere Will Not Be Tiger Woods’s Favorite EpisodeParker and Stone take on another “sacred” topic.
  35. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods Calls on Bush PR Man to Help Rescue Public ImageAri Fleischer! Why didn’t we think of that?
  36. tiger catches tail
    Jamie Jungers Is the Best Tiger Woods Mistress EverWe already knew this, of course.
  37. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Spotted KissingSigh. Sex addicts.
  38. gossipmonger
    Tom Cruise Crashes on Oscar DayOn his motorcycle, not at a party.
  39. gossipmonger
    Lindsay Lohan Is Writing a MemoirThis is something we would read.
  40. intel worlds colliding
    President Obama Didn’t Call Tiger WoodsBill Clinton still did.
  41. gossipmonger
    Suri’s Awesomeness to Be Diluted With Competing Cruise Baby?Katie Holmes looks to be prepping to spawn again.
  42. gossipmonger
    Mark Sanford Is a New Face of PETA“Your dog doesn’t have to go to South America to get laid.”
  43. gossipmonger
    Angelina Jolie Reunites With Jon VoightYes, this business is still going on.
  44. tiger catches tail
    Tiger and Elin Leave Orlando on a Jet PlaneThe couple plays tennis, then heads to unknown destination.
  45. tiger catches flak
    Tiger’s Mistresses Would Like Apologies, TooOr anything else that might help their fifteen minutes last a little longer.
  46. performances of the week
    ‘Performances of the Week’: Tiger and Your Ideal ManA Flying Tomato, a guy who used to be in the News, a man your man could smell like, and more!
  47. caption contest
    Fresh From Sex Rehab, Tiger Woods Plants One on the First Woman He SeesHis mom. Awwww. Or: Ewww?
  48. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods: ‘I Was Unfaithful. I Had Affairs. I Cheated.’The disgraced golf great almost gives us the press conference we’ve all been waiting for.
  49. gossipmonger
    Elton John Thinks Jesus Is a Gay ManAnd we’re not even talking about Madonna’s boyfriend.
  50. tiger catches tail
    Woods to Return to Therapy After Friday’s Press ConferencePGA Tour commissioner says Tiger’s on “a week’s break.”
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