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Tim And Eric's Billion Dollar Movie

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There Could Be a Tim and Eric’s Trillion Dollar Movie

Aside from the other good stuff about this interview with Tim and Eric - where T&E imitators go wrong, their Old Spice commericals, and of course the differences between making sketches and making a movie - the pair also hint at their plans for [...]

By Hallie Cantor

Tim & Eric on B$M and the Comedy Bang! Bang! TV Show

Here's how Eric Wareheim describes his and Tim Heidecker's sense of humor in this article: “Awkward moments are...very much our thing." (I would guess that that ellipsis likely represents about 45 seconds to a minute of silence.) The pair, plus [...]

By Hallie Cantor

Take the Pledge to See Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie

Tim and Eric want your pledge to watch their movie and definitely not the movie The Lorax. I guess it's too late for the Zit Twins to make an appearance in Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie, but this is probably worth supporting anyway.

By Hallie Cantor