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Tim Geithner

  1. the greatest depression
    The Rise of Ben BernankeThe best politician in Washington isn’t an elected official. It’s Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke.
  2. early and awesome
    Treasury Secretary Was Aggressive With RegulatorsPassive aggressive.
  3. big-time lapses of judgment
    Geithner Loses ItThe Treasury secretary lets loose on FDIC head Sheila Bair and SEC head Mary Shapiro with an “expletive-riddled” rant.
  4. the greatest depression
    Treasury to Remain DepressedThey’re canceling their humor workshop because people made fun of them. That’s the spirit.
  5. the greatest depression
    The Treasury Department Needs Someone to Teach Them How to Laugh AgainOut of work? Able to make public debt hilarious? The Treasury has a job for you!
  6. the greatest depression
    Sheila Bair Is Like ‘The Skunk at the Picnic’It’s meant in a nice way, though!
  7. the new tim
    Tim Geithner Talks Back“You don’t convene a committee to put out a fire,” the exasperated Treasury Secretary told lawmakers on the Hill today.
  8. we're going with caramel macchiato
    Secretaries of the Treasury: They’re Just Like Us!Tim Geithner goes to Starbucks, and the world watches.
  9. let's get metaphysical
    Barney Frank: ‘There Is Only Obama’He is everywhere! He is all around you! In the Earth and the trees and the oxygen that you breathe!
  10. early and awesome
    Tim Geithner and Larry Summers Are Still Best FriendsGeithner keeps his mentor happy with a combination of Shamu techniques and sugar.
  11. early and awesome
    Chinese College Kids Snicker When Geithner Talks About Their ‘Assets’Hee, hee.
  12. early and awesome
    Larry Summers Is Counting On Geithner to Nudge Him If There’s a HurricaneObama’s economic adviser is reserving his brain power for more important stuff.
  13. the great stimulation
    Tim Geithner Would Prefer You Not Use the Words ‘Federal’ or ‘Bailout’ When Talking About the Federal Bailout of CaliforniaThe state just needs a “little something to tide it over” is all.
  14. the greatest depression
    The Last Meals of Bear StearnsA new book details the nail-biting, or just biting, last days of the storied investment firm.
  15. foreigners are fun
    Donatella Versace a Blogging Virgin No LongerThe designer blogs for the first time ever about her experience at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.
  16. it just happened
    Stress-Test Results Are Here!More anticipated than the next ‘Twilight’ novel, more feared than ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ the ‘Supervisory Capital Assessment Program: Overview of Results’ is FINALLY OUT.
  17. the rich hunt
    Cheat Sheet: Obama to Close Offshore Tax LoopholesFive simple things you need to know about Obama’s latest proposal.
  18. early and often
    Tim Geithner Is ‘Dauntingly Fit’ Stud on Tennis CourtThat’s what his onetime partner Jim Impoco says, anyway.
  19. scandals
    Scandale! Tim Geithner May Not Have Come Across His ‘Most Beautiful’ Title HonestlyOur world is rocked.
  20. this makes everything better
    Tim Geithner Finally Gets Some Good PressHe’s one of ‘People’ magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People”!
  21. white men with money
    Tim Geithner Could Have Been the Most Hated Man in AmericaBut instead he chose the No. 2 job.
  22. risky business
    Tim Geithner Hideous-Tie Watch, Round TwoHe wore a lavender-and-orange-striped tie at the big press conference this morning. WHY?
  23. the greatest depression
    Former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson Has Developed a Deep Understanding of the Economic Crisis Since Leaving AdministrationAnd he’s writing a book about it.
  24. good news
    Saks’s Stock Is Up! So Is Liz Claiborne’s! And Others That Were Doing Really Badly!And it’s all thanks to Tim Geithner.
  25. the greatest depression
    The Good News Is That Scientists Grew Extra Arms on a NewtHis friends at the lab call him four-arms, though, which is sad.
  26. scenes from a meltdown
    Hedge-Funders React to Possibility of Increased RegulationThey’re a little defensive about being financially profiled.
  27. fools on the hill
    Ben Bernanke Has Had Enough of Your Fool Questions, CongressStand back! The Fed chairman is getting ANGRY.
  28. imaginary conversations
    Does Wall Street Have Obama by the Balls?Kind of!
  29. scenes from a meltdown
    Tim Geithner Is Asking for Enhanced Powers“This is an extraordinary time and the government has been forced to take extraordinary measures,” the Treasury secretary said to Congress today.
  30. the downturnaround
    In Which the Downturnaround Is Tested and Keeps Its FaithTimes are dark, but today, a Saint brought us into the economic light.
  31. scenes from a meltdown
    Treasury Plan Rebrands “Toxic Assets” in Hopes of Selling Them to Private InvestorsInvestors will enjoy the smooth clean taste of ‘legacy assets’ from now on.
  32. early and often
    When Did Geithner Know About the Bonuses? Does It Matter?The Treasury Secretary says one thing, the Fed says another, and Edward Liddy says yet a third thing.
  33. the greatest depression
    Barack Obama Stands by His ManObama won’t heed the calls for Timothy Geithner’s resignation.
  34. the greatest depression
    The Humiliations of Tim GeithnerEveryone from Paul Krugman to ‘SNL’ is calling for the Treasury secretary’s head.
  35. the great stimulation
    Vikram Pandit Will Survive!He’s not getting dumped after all.
  36. imaginary conversations
    Citigroup and Federal Government Have Horrible, Tumultuous RelationshipA recent phone call between a senior government official and Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit revealed “who’s on top” in the new world of American finance, according to the ‘Journal.’
  37. photo op
    ‘Hillary Clinton Was Absolutely Ravishing Last Night’That’s what Joe Scarborough thought, at least.
  38. scenes from a meltdown
    Tim Geithner Has to Work Out This Economy Thing All by HimselfNo wonder he looks so nervous all the time.
  39. the greatest depression
    Times Points Finger at GeithnerThe revamped bailout is déjà vu all over again, they point out, and it’s the new Treasury secretary’s fault.
  40. the greatest depression
    Slouching Toward StimulationAt 11 a.m., new Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner will unveil his plan to save the world.
  41. the greatest depression
    Obama to Cut Off Wall Street’s Huge PackagesThe Obama administration is expected to cap executive pay at TARP-sponsored companies at $500,000.
  42. the greatest depression
    Obama Vows to Sic Dangerous Attack Dog Tim Geithner on Wall Street’Um, guys? Could you like, maybe show some restraint and, um, discipline and sense of responsibility this year?’
  43. rush to judgment
    William Dudley, the New President of the New York Fed, Lives in New JerseyNow that Tim Geithner is in charge of the entire economy, his deputy of two years, William Dudley, will be replacing him as president of the New York Fed. Is he good enough?
  44. early and awesome
    Geithner Is Apologetic, Puppy-Dog-Eyed at HearingHe knew what he needed to do and he did it.
  45. early and often
    If Timothy F. Geithner Can Fix Our Economy, Does It Matter Whether He Paid His Taxes?Or, um, employed a housekeeper illegally?
  46. the greatest depression
    Leave Sheila Bair Alone!The anonymous quotes about the FDIC chair are working our nerves.
  47. the greatest depression
    Tim Geithner Has It in for Sheila BairHe doesn’t think the FDIC chairman is a ‘team player,’ according to reports.
  48. Tim Geithner: Sort of Hipster-y, Way AdorableHe skateboards and snowboards!
  49. election hangover
    Tim Geithner Likely Treasury Pick, Say ReportsAndrea Mitchell at NBC is reporting that Obama is (finally) going to roll out picks for his economic team on Monday.
  50. election hangover
    Treasury Secretary Hunt Pits Student Against MasterOld friends Larry Summers and Tim Geithner are both on Obama’s short list for Treasury Secretary.