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  1. comedy
    Hasan Minhaj Mocks Jared Kushner to His Face Over MBS FriendshipThe comedian called out Kushner for being friends with Mohammed bin Salman and doing nothing to help Saudi women’s-rights activists.
  2. party report
    8 Things You See on the Time 100 Gala Red CarpetGreat gowns, beautiful gowns.
  3. politics
    Hasan Minhaj Mocks Jared Kushner to His Face Over MBS FriendshipThe comedian called out Kushner for being friends with Mohammed bin Salman and doing nothing to help Saudi women’s-rights activists.
  4. lists
    Chrissy Teigen and Samin Nosrat Among Time 100 HonoreesMassimo Bottura made the cut, too.
  5. time 100 gala
    Leslie Jones Had the Best Reaction to Seeing Jennifer Lopez PerformShe closed out the evening at the Time 100 gala.
  6. party chat
    Greta Gerwig Gave Us a Hella Tight Update on the Lady Bird Cinematic Universe“I can’t tell you ideas because as soon as I say ideas to the world, they die,” she said.
  7. awards
    Chef José Andrés Is One of Time’s Most Influential People of 2018The Spanish-born chef joins Nancy Pelosi, Oprah, and Prince Harry.
  8. speeeech!
    Melissa McCarthy Is Very Concerned About Gnome Research in Her Time 100 ToastTo the garden gnomes!
  9. Empire Building
    Roy Choi Made the Time 100 ListAnthony Bourdain wrote the blurb.
  10. this could be us but you playin'
    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, 2 Percent of the Most Influential PeopleBoth members of Kimye made it onto Time’s “100 Most Influential People” list.
  11. bffs
    Tilda Swinton Wrote a Poem for Amy SchumerBFFs 4-eva.
  12. letters of recommendation
    Clinton Calls Warren a ‘Special Kind of Leader’Famous people say nice things about famous people.
  13. Empire Building
    Danny Meyer Made the Time ‘100’ ListTom Colicchio wrote his blurb.
  14. Interviews
    Alice Waters on Giving Hugs, Kale Mania, and the Legacy of Mesclun Mix Salads“They do get hugs. I hug the farmers, and I hug the restaurateurs!”
  15. video
    Watch Sister Nyirumbe’s Time 100 Gala Speech “Where are the lost girls?”
  16. fashion friendz
    Phoebe Philo Approves of Martha Stewart’s Sparkly Gold Pedal-PushersThey’re “fantastic.” 
  17. party pics
    Party Pics: Martha, Pharrell, and More at the Time 100 GalaBeyoncé, sadly, was nowhere to be found. 
  18. smile
    Martha Stewart Still Uses a Point-and-Shoot Camera for Her Party PicturesVisual proof from the Time 100 gala.
  19. time 100
    Watch Seth Meyers Roast the Time 100“These are also the jokes I’m gonna do at the Emmys, so after I’m done, let’s talk about the ones you liked the most.”
  20. Phoebe Philo, Natalie Massenet Made the Time 100And got tributes by Stella McCartney and Jenna Lyons, respectively.
  21. who runs the world? beyonce
    Beyoncé Is 1 of Time’s 100 Most Influential PeopleBoss status.
  22. Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s Boozy Time 100 Speech (Featuring Bartender Jimmy […] Late nights hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon both made it on Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people this year, and here’s […]
  23. face off
    Who Was the Time 100 Gala’s Best Friend: Lena Dunham or Amy Poehler?We went through the photos to decide.
  24. party chat
    Amy Poehler Loves Boston, Joey McIntyre, and Miguel Things we learned at the Time 100 Gala.
  25. party chat
    You Can Probably Stop Sending Milky Ways to Rand Paul Now“They’re gooey and it drips out on me.”
  26. Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon Make the Time 100 ListTime magazine released the “Time 100” today, its annual list of the world’s most influential people, and America’s two newest 11:35pm talk show […]
  27. best friends?
    Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon Are Also Available for WeddingsSpecifically, their own.
  28. rihanna
    Rihanna’s Live, Slow Jam ‘We Found Love’Well, that’s one way to keep Chris Brown at a distance.
  29. party chat
    Amy Poehler Explains the ‘Headboard of Infamy’“I don’t know what it is!”
  30. party chat
    Matt Lauer Seriously Doubts His InfluenceAnd expects Hillary Clinton to call him out on it.
  31. ballot box
    Sarah Burton, Sara Blakely Make Time 100 ListA banner year for Blakely, so far.
  32. Colbert, C.K., Wiig, and Handler Deemed Time 100 WorthyThe Time 100 came out and it’s hilarious. More specifically, it has hilarious people on it and hilarious people writing about them. Judd Apatow […]
  33. Lists
    René Redzepi and José Andrés’s Trophy Shelves Just Got MoreKudos to the toques who made the 2012 “Time 100.”
  34. Amy Poehler Reps Her Nannies In Time 100 Most Influencial SpeechIn case your judgmental cubicle mate is currently right behind you, Amy Poehler’s Time 100 speech will make you cry a little, then quickly wipe […]
  35. encounters with greatness
    A Brief Moment at the Time 100 GalaLea Michele meets Patrick McMullan. Hilarity does not ensue.
  36. party chat
    Sarah Palin Confronted Reporters at Time 100And she toasted them! Sort of.
  37. party chat
    Taylor Swift Surprised!“That’s so funny!” she says, laughing heartily and looking flabbergasted.
  38. party chat
    Neil Patrick Harris Has Never Been Happier Not to Be a SmurfInstead, he’s perfectly happy talking to the empty space that CGI Smurfs will be added to later.
  39. how tweet it is
    Celebrity Twexperts Offer Advice to New Tweeter Michelle ObamaWhat Ashton Kutcher, Martha Stewart, and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey had to say.
  40. party lines
    Stella McCartney’s Met-Gala Jumpsuit Was Made Hours Before the BallLiv Tyler witnessed Stella’s efforts to ensure it wouldn’t come apart at the seams.
  41. gossipmonger
    Can Jennifer Aniston Just Date Bradley Cooper Already?Finally, America’s Single Sweetheart sets her sights on a guy we actually WANT her to date.
  42. party lines
    Oprah Wrote, Then Lost, Her Michelle Obama ‘Time 100’ Essay on Her BlackBerryLuckily, Stedman was there to keep her together.
  43. look of the day
    Liv Tyler’s Cheeky LookWould you show so much skin at a formal event attended by the First Lady?
  44. mobama watch
    Michelle Obama Goes New York Chic for the Time 100 GalaShe wore the perfect full-length black dress.
  45. Food Politics
    Dan Barber Makes Time 100Is he a scientist or a thinker?
  46. Food Politics
    Dan Barber May Make Time 100 Even If They Misprint His AgeCast your votes so he doesn’t lose to candidates like … Hugh Jackman.
  47. party lines
    Martha Stewart’s White-Faced Heifers Will Not Be Named After White-Faced CelebritiesIn a close race, Ben and Jen lost out in a poll to see what Stewart’s new cows should be named.
  48. party lines
    Brian Williams: ‘Time’ 100 Today, Forgotten TomorrowWe caught up with BriWi at Time magazine’s big gala last night.
  49. gossipmonger
    Chace Crawford Is Awesome at Being SinglePlus, a Puerto Rican party for Carlos Beltran’s birthday and who the gayest man in the world is in our daily gossip roundup.
  50. gossipmonger
    Albrecht Out at HBOHBO chairman Chris Albrecht was forced to resign last night after allegedly beating up his girlfriend Sunday, likely because this wasn’t his first domestic assault. Harvey Weinstein had to explain to girlfriend Georgina Chapman that Elie Wiesel was notable for being “in a concentration camp” at the Time 100 fête. And Jessica Simpson dressed conservatively at the event to not draw attention from boyfriend and honoree John Mayer. Cameron Diaz went to a sex show at the Box the night before appearing on the Today show. Josh Hartnett and Helena Christensen sang karaoke together. Lorne Michaels sang karaoke at oil heir William Hess’s bar mitzvah. Nancy Grace is trying to get on The View now that she’s out at Court TV. NBC News’ David Gregory may be Don Imus’s replacement.
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