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  1. New York’s Most ‘Undateable’ Guy Won’t Get a Bad-Date Do-over, Thank GodTime Out initially agreed to set Billy Peck up on another date.
  2. Lists
    Time Out Rounds Up the 100 ‘Best’ Dishes in New YorkThe Butterfly’s patty melt, Sushi Ko’s toro tartare, and more.
  3. Read a Letter 19-Year-Old Lena Dunham Sent to ‘Time Out New York’s Sex […]Girls star/creator Lena Dunham posted some screenshots on Instagram today of a letter she wrote to Time Out New York’s sex advice columnist […]
  4. are there jamie? it's me lena
    A Young Lena Dunham Asked Time Out New York’s Sex Columnist for Advice“I have a reasonable amount of sexual experience, but somehow I have managed to stay a virgin.”
  5. The Other Critics
    Time Out New York Hires Daniel S. Meyer As New Food CriticThere’s a new restaurant reviewer in town.
  6. Lists
    Time Out Releases Its 100 Best Dishes ListHope you’re hungry.
  7. Take a Time Out and Read Time Out’s List of the ‘50 Funniest New Yorkers’This week, Time Out New York not only listed the “50 Funniest New Yorkers,” they ranked them. Now we know for certain that John Hodgman (#35) […]
  8. how the other half rents
    Mary Alice Stephenson Has an Entire Floor of ClosetsIn which she keeps a lot of shoes.
  9. fashion in 3-d
    GQ, V, and Interview’s September Issues All Feature 3-D Armani Exchange Ads3-D is the new black.
  10. slash jobs
    Elle Hopefuls, Meet the Accessories Closet of Your DreamsHate your day job? This’ll make you feel worse.
  11. another dimension
    3-D Fashion Spreads: Outta This World, or One-Trick Ponies?Is 3-D the future of fashion, or just a cheap gimmick?
  12. Awards
    TONY Maintains Status Quo at Eat Out AwardsPredictable (if deserved) winners at last night’s ‘TONY’ restaurant awards.
  13. Other Critics
    Agua Dulce Chef to Time Out Reviewer: Inauthentic? No,Lars Ulrich has a few quibbles about some “blatant non-truths published by a junior-varsity publication.”
  14. Beef
    Saveur’s Feed Accedes to TONY ’s FeedName-calling has never been easy.
  15. Other Magazines
    Time Out Drops a StarWe welcome the magazine to the exciting world of five-star reviewing.
  16. New Releases
    ‘I Still Ate It’ and Other New Delicacies From Around the InternetsI Still Ate It and other newbies on the Internet are sure to leave a mark on your productivity.
  17. Trends
    Picks and PansSlice disagrees that the Artichoke pie is a classic; Metromix picks their favorites of the year.
  18. The Other Critics
    Time Out’s Favorite 100 Foods of the Year Are a Celebration ofBacon! Sausage! Pig tails!
  19. media deathwatch
    Bad News for Books. And Newspapers. And Magazines. And Websites.Yeah, this week is getting ugly.
  20. It's the Economy
    Zagat Throws Fancy Dinners, Cans Nineteen Workers; ‘Time Out’ inThings are looking grim in the world of food media.
  21. sad things
    First Post-Scandal Interview With Eliot Spitzer Scored by … ‘Time Out’The former governor stuck his head out of his hole long enough to answer some questions from the magazine for their 40th-anniversary issue.
  22. Back of the House
    ‘Time Out New York’ Tries, in Vain, to Show a Nicer Side of LisaIs Lisa Fernandes all bad? Maybe.
  23. Back of the House
    Cheftestant Lisa Strives for Our AffectionLisa Fernandes is trying to clear her name.
  24. NewsFeed
    A Guided Tour of Pig Parts, Here in New Pork CityWhere to get the best parts of the pig, from snout to tail, according to ‘Time Out New York.’
  25. NewsFeed
    Grayz GM Stabbed in Mob-Related AttackGrayz GM George Atterbury was stabbed by razor-wielding attackers, but is doing well. Police are still looking for the perpetrator, who is thought to be connected to the mafia.
  26. Mediavore
    Inflation Running Rampant; Richman Hits TerroirTONY awards the Mermaid Inn the best place to be seen, inflation is going crazy, and Richman can’t take the crowd at Terroir.
  27. multiple choice
    Pop Quiz: Know Your Media LadiesYesterday and today, the Times profiled three women in media: Julia Allison, Arianna Huffington, and Lauren Zalaznick. Despite differences in their ages and careers, the three of them seem of a type.
  28. Back of the House
    A Fond Farewell to the Essex Market’s Norman SchapiroAs Passover nears, Gabriella Gershenson feels the absence of Norman Schapiro, the late kosher-wine merchant at the Essex Street Market.
  29. Back of the House
    David Chang on the Secret of Ko: ‘We Have No Idea’David Chang never claims to be a mastermind; he’s just treated that way by the food press. Or maybe he is a mastermind, and that’s all part of the plan. We can never tell. Anyway, he couldn’t be much more frank than he was with Time Out New York today: “Everyone thinks I’m bullshitting when I say this: We have no idea what the fuck we’re doing.” But if that were true, would he really say it? We still can’t figure it out. David Chang to descend from heavens…again [TONY] Related: Grub Street’s complete coverage of Momofuku Ko
  30. Mediavore
    Shake Shack Reopens Today; Fabio Trabocchi’s Last MealSweet glory, Shake Shack reopens today at 11:30! You can call ahead to place your order, but you won’t be enjoying the new heaters until next week. [Eater] The British agree: Adam Platt’s term “haute barnyard” defines the prevailing dining trend. [Guardian] Related: The Haute Barnyard Hall of Fame The manager of Sarabeth’s on Central Park South caught a 50-year-old thief taking $27 from her pocketbook over the weekend. [NYP]
  31. Mediavore
    Tony Bourdain’s Kitchen Is Just Like Yours; New York Chefs Cook for 50 CentSelf-styled badass chef Tony Bourdain plays 20 Questions, revealing that he lives with his wife and daughter on the Upper East Side these days — “proximity to Baby Gap is a priority” — and has a kitchen that is “small and functional and very crowded with baby food, cat food, a few essentials.” [Chicago Tribune] Frank Bruni takes a moment to sort through the piles of food-related tomes that landed on his desk this year, finding his favorites to be David Kamp’s The Food Snob’s Dictionary and the recently released Secret Ingredients: The New Yorker Book of Food and Drink. [Diner’s Journal/NYT] Related: David Kamp Adds Two More Entries to the Food Snob’s Dictionary A recent NYU grad is suing Times Square club Arena for $2 million over a June incident in which he was overcharged by $1,000, beat up by the bouncer, and arrested for not buying enough alcohol. [NYP]
  32. NewsFeed
    Peter Berley Out at Broadway EastFormer Angelica Kitchen chef Peter Berley is out and Lee Gross, formerly of L.A.’s M Cafe de Chaya, is in at Broadway East. What could have occasioned this garden transplant, so close to the opening of the place? Bullfrog and Baum’s Helen Baldus tells us that it was “just not a good match” and that the sides parted amicably. Or did Berley talk himself out of a job in a recent telling Time Out interview?
  33. in other news
    Our New York Age, and Surprising Typographic ChoicesOn an inside page of this week’s edition, Time Out asks an interesting question: Uh, we’ll be turning 40 next year. Thanks for asking. All best, What’s Your New York Age? [TONY]
  34. Mediavore
    Is There a Warrant Out on Jason Neroni?The owner of Porchetta claims that not only was Jason Neroni fired but that the termination was for misappropriation of funds — and there’s a warrant out for his arrest. (If so, the Desperate Chef is hiding in plain sight, as we just saw him last night at the TONY awards.) [Eater] Nearly everyone got an award at last night’s Time Out New York food awards, including Per Se for Best Splurge and A Voce for New Restaurant of the Year. But the Russian Tea Room for Best Reopening? Those manipulated blurbs must be working. [TONY] Talk about gross dereliction: The Department of Health, it turns out, ignored complaints about that KFC–Taco Bell for two months before sending an inspector — who did such a bad job that she would have been fired had she not just quit. [NYP]
  35. in other news
    ‘Time Out’ Likes Our Critics! They Really Like Our Critics!So Time Out New York is out today with a big cover story rating and ranking all the city’s cultural critics. It must be said: We give two thumbs up to this review of the reviews. Of course, why wouldn’t we? New York’s critics fared well (if not quite as well as Time Out’s own critics, who did — surprise! — fabulously). Our Peter G. Davis was the No. 2 classical-music reviewer, Adam Platt came in third for foodies, Jeremy McCarter was named the fourth best theater critic, and Mark Stevens was No. 6 among the art experts. The one exception was our esteemed film reviewer, David Edelstein, who ranked an unimpressive eleventh. Why is that? Well, according to his Zagatian write-up, it’s because he’s insufficiently attentive to independent film. “If you were to read only his column, you’d never know that foreign-language films and independent documentaries were opening,” wrote one panelist. “A fine critic for first-run films. I wish he was able to write more about off-the-beaten-path films,” wrote another. And just what industry experts came to these damning conclusions? Well, from the roster of reviewer-reviewers provided, we can pick out the director of the Film Forum; the publicist for the Film Forum; the publicist for the IFC Center, who was formerly at the Film Forum; the publicist for the Museum of the Moving Image; and two independent publicists of indie films. Hey, at least they know about indie film. Judgment Day [TONY]
  36. Click and Save
    Reindeer Sausage, Hungry-Man Happy Hours, and a Word From DJ BubblesWhether you’re hungry at six in the p.m. or five in the a.m., this week’s serving of service journalism has you covered. • Cheapo champ Meehan’s late-night dining findings. [NYT] • Time Out does brunch. [TONY] • Hungry-man happy hours. [Thrillist] • Sietsema’s best-of picks: Fried backbone, reindeer sausage, and “weird wobbly yellow stuff.” [VV] • Greek grub in Astoria. [NYT] • “Definitive pizzameister” DJ Bubbles’ top-ten list. [Slice]