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Timothy Geithner

  1. Barclays Just Wanted to Be Like Everyone Else That’s one employee’s explanation for posting inaccurate Libor rates. 
  2. With Release of 2008 Memo, Focus Shifts to Geithner in Libor ScandalHis recommendations were only a few years too late.
  3. The Fed Really Couldn’t Comprehend Economics in 2006Recently released transcripts from 2006 are “embarrassing,” to say the least.
  4. White House Seeks to Undermine Suskind’s ‘Ineffectual Obama’ Book’Confidence Men,’ out Tuesday, reveals serious infighting in the White House.
  5. Obama’s Economic Quagmire: Frank Rich and Adam Moss Talk About What’s Really in Ron Suskind’s Revealing New Book About the White House’Confidence Men’ details how Tim Geithner, Larry Summers, and Rahm Emanuel burned the president in the first two years of his term.
  6. White House to Tim Geithner: You’re Not Going AnywhereThe Treasury Secretary’s thoughts of leaving are not being entertained by Obama.
  7. Boehner: Oops, I May Have Spoken Too SoonSays there may have to be a short-term deal to give Congress more time.
  8. It Looks Like We Can’t Just Ignore the Debt CeilingGeithner and Pelosi are not onboard.
  9. Tim Geithner to Pay Lip Service to GOP House Freshmen TodayBecause feelings matter.
  10. Wall Street Rashomon: The Times vs. Matt TaibbiHow some of the worst villains of the financial crisis came out more or less unscathed.
  11. David Geithner Moves Up at Time Inc.Hottie alert.
  12. The Embarrassing Chairs of DavosIf the furniture is any indication, the WEF is hell-bent on taking their powerful guests down a peg.
  13. Turns Out, the Financial Crisis Was Totally AvoidableThe greatest tragedy would be to accept the refrain that no one could have seen this coming.”
  14. AIG Announces Final Plan to Pay Back GovernmentIs there really a way out of this?
  15. Billy Crudup Will Play Tim Geithner in HBO’s Too Big to FailSo he told Fox Business just now.
  16. At G20, Obama’s Economic Ambitions Don’t Go Over Too Well With Debt-Laden LeadersBut they’ve all agreed to cut their deficits.
  17. band of brothers
    White House Economic Team Hugs It OutAfter an awkward week, the healing begins.
  18. The Obama Administration Is Just Full of ‘Sons of Bitches’What? That’s how they talk.
  19. The British Are Making a Movie About Lehman BrothersThe new BBC reenactment of the events of last September sounds a little too British.
  20. Tim Geithner Still Can’t Sell His Own HouseThe ‘Daily Show’ takes a moment to poke fun at the Treasury secretary’s personal real-estate troubles.
  21. Hillary Clinton Has Her Own Species of TulipWho knew?!
  22. Toxic-Asset Plan Gets Somewhat Toxic ReactionBut others are more optimistic about the Obama administration’s plan to clean up the banking system.
  23. risky business
    Barack Obama Dabbles in Risky Neckwear, Tim Geithner Goes All OutBarack wore a silver tie yesterday and Tim wore a bright-orange tie this morning.
  24. Geithner, Where’s the Beef?The markets and analysts would have preferred some more specifics this morning.
  25. The Tax-Mess Fallout: Where Obama Stands NowHas Obama been tainted by Daschle, Killefer, and Geithner?
  26. Senate Panel Recommends Confirmation for GeithnerHe was approved by an 18–5 vote.
  27. If Timothy F. Geithner Can Fix Our Economy, Does It Matter Whether He Paid His Taxes?Or, um, employed a housekeeper illegally?
  28. Obama Sticks by His Money ManTim Geithner, the president-elect’s Treasury nominee, just made an honest personal-finance mistake.
  29. Tim Geithner Has It in for Sheila BairHe doesn’t think the FDIC chairman is a ‘team player,’ according to reports.
  30. The Economic Team That Will Save America!We hope.
  31. Obama Introduces Cabinet, Discusses Focus on ‘Strong Main Street’A thriving middle class, the president-elect said, will be key to his economic recovery plan.
  32. Obama to Roll Out Economic Team and Plans TodayHe may keep the Bush tax cuts until 2010, he’ll probably expand his recovery plan, and he wants it all on day one.
  33. Larry Summers’s Baggage Weighed Against His ExpertiseShould past controversies matter in picking a Treasury Secretary?