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The ‘Beast’ Has Awoken!

Tina Brown’s IAC-sponsored news aggregator and blog launched last night — and it's not the Huffington Post Redux.

By Chris Rovzar

JPMorgan Will Take On Half of Bear Stearns Staff

Or you could say JPMorgan will FIRE half of Bear Stearns staff. It's all how you look at it, really. Plus! The GM building may have a new owner, 'People' people get a hairy new deadline, and a lawyer's advice for tax dodgers in our daily roundup of industry news.

Tina Brown Thinks Bubba Will Recalibrate; Peter Hermann Thinks It's Best to Watch His Sex Scenes in Private

Peter Hermann
When we caught up with Tina Brown at last night's Atlantic dinner and State of the Union–viewing session, we were curious as to what she thinks about Hillary Clinton lately. The senator, after all, is going to be one of the subjects of Brown's just-announced book, The Clinton Chronicles. "I think [her campaign so far] is a complete high-wire, absolutely astonishing, ever-changing drama," Brown explained. "I think a lot of it, too, is a construct as well. Whenever I see so-called Bill Clinton eruptions, they’re not eruptions at all." Man, she's already dissecting them like fetal pigs! Awesome. "I think that he will definitely recalibrate," Brown added. "I think you will probably see less of him in the next two weeks." Elsewhere at the party, Law & Order: SVU heroine Mariska Hargitay lounged with her husband, Peter Hermann, one of the male stars of Cashmere Mafia. So, Peter, what does Mariska think of your steamy Cashmere sex scenes? "We go do other things when it’s on, and then I rewind the DVR and watch them in private," Hermann explained carefully. "Then we talk it through and let it all subside a little bit and then we move on." He laughed then and showed his megawatt smile (Mariska has one, too, but she's not allowed to show it on TV). "We’re working through it." Good for them, but too bad for us. How great would it be if Mariska kicked down a studio door and shoved a 9mm in Miranda Otto's face? We love it when she does that. —Jada Yuan Get more dirt from Andy Borowitz, Bronson van Wyck, and Rick Lazio at our complete coverage of the Atlantic's State of the Union Dinner. Earlier: Tina Brown to Publish a New ‘Chronicles’

Tina Brown to Publish a New ‘Chronicles’

Tina Brown and Hillary Clinton
It was a mere two days ago that we were callously ringing the death knell of Tina Brown. And, lo, today we hear that she is not, in fact, dead: She's just working on another book that everybody has already written! To follow up her hugely successful Diana Chronicles, Brown will be writing a definitive tome on, get this, THE CLINTONS. We'd make a joke about how this topic is so overdone, but for all of the copies of Chronicles Brown sold, she was clearly the one laughing all the way to the bank. "Tina Brown will take on the Bill and Hillary Clinton era in The Clinton Chronicles to be edited by Phyllis Grann and published in 2010," reports Publishers Weekly. This raises two questions: First, is every book of hers from now on going to be called a Chronicles? And, second, the Clinton era will be over by 2010. Does Tina know something we don't? Tina Brown to Write 'The Clinton Chronicles' for Doubleday [PW] Related: Ask Not for Whom The Bell Tolls. It Tolls for Tina Brown.