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  1. resurrections
    It Sure Sounds Like TLC Is Planning a Hologram Reunion TourTechnically, it will just be a projection of Left Eye.
  2. tlc
    Watch Two Spots for Surgeon Brides, an Allegedly Fictional TLC Show About Self-Mutilating BridesThe Swan, anyone? Mutilating 
  3. grammys 2012
    See a Supercut of Award Winners Thanking GodAnd Chilli gets the last word. Nice to hear.
  4. See a Woman Who Likes Eating Cat Food on the New Season of My Strange AddictionThe new season will premiere February 12.
  5. kids these days
    How Many Diamonds Can You Fit on a 9-Year-Old’s First-Communion Dress?Find out in our video roundup of the best moments from My Big Fat Gypsy Christmas.
  6. all-american muslim
    Florida Man Gunning for All-American MuslimBorn-again Christian and author of porno addiction book.
  7. biopics
    VH1 Is Making a TLC BiopicYes, please.
  8. finances
    TLC’s T-Boz Files for Bankruptcy AgainOccupy “Waterfalls.”
  9. Mediavore
    U.S. Marshals Post a Reward For Leads in a Fatal Upper Darby Bar Shooting;Plus: Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond lands a Food Network show; and Missouri adolescents sue their city over Girl Scout cookies, all in our morning news roundup.
  10. family planning
    TLC Cancels Kate Plus 8And subtracts Kate Gosselin from its lineup.
  11. Beef
    Cake Boss Embroiled in Vineland’s Cake ControversyThe mayor, an admitted fan of the reality show, claims he was open to other choices for the cake, but no one bit.
  12. america's sweetheart
    GOP Hair Is Really Big Right NowReality-TV-show big.
  13. reality tv
    Tattoo Purists Are Appalled by TLC’s Tattoo SchoolA two-week course in tattooing? Good thing tattoos aren’t permanent or anything.
  14. and step on it!
    In Seven Years, All of New York’s Taxis Will Look Like ThisThe Nissan NV200 won a citywide competition.
  15. and step on it!
    Cab Drivers Are Now Physically Yanking People Out of the Backseat Rather Than Driving Them to BrooklynA pair of brave girls videotaped one such attempt.
  16. upfronts
    Gypsies, Dance, and Sleeves: A Roundup of Some New Reality Shows Coming Next SeasonWeddings, tattoos, fishing — you know the drill.
  17. clickables
    Meet Kelly, a Woman With Two Vaginas, on TLC’s Strange SexAlso: meet Ron, the Foreskin Restorer.
  18. TLC Is Searching for ‘Never Nudes’ As If That’s a Real ThingOn Arrested Development, Tobias is a “never nude,” someone who never, ever takes off their cutoff jean shorts. And now TLC is looking for […]
  19. exclusive
    TLC Banks on Babies Behind Bars and Taxidermist FamiliesPlus: fat people and primordial dwarves.
  20. clickables
    Meet TLC’s Latest Addict: The Guy Who Eats Champagne Flutes“Normally when I look for glass to eat, I look for Champagne glasses, wine glasses, light bulbs.”
  21. clickables
    Meet the Woman Who Is Addicted to Eating Couch Cushions“Try this.”
  22. clickables
    Watch a Bad Mother Force Her 5-Year-Old to Get an Eyebrow Wax on TVAwful.
  23. your tax dollars at work
    That Thing Every New Yorker Knows to Be True Is True, Study RevealsIt IS harder to get a taxi between 4 and 5 p.m.
  24. america's sweetheart
    Palin’s Alaska: No Second SeasonAlthough, “Palin seemed to enjoy doing the show.”
  25. clickables
    See a Preview for the Grossest Hoarders in A&E HistoryEw, sorry.
  26. clickables
    Take a TLC-Sponsored Tour of One Woman’s Toilet-Paper RoomEnjoy a clip from ‘Extreme Couponing.’
  27. clickables
    See the Promo for TLC’s My Strange Addiction“I’m addicted to eating toilet paper.” Etc.
  28. america's sweetheart
    Willow Palin Guts an Alaskan Salmon for Her Sweet 16There ain’t no party like a Wasilla party!
  29. Coming Soon
    TLC Coming Soon to the South LoopIt will be taking the spot of Gina’s Cuisine.
  30. america's sweetheart
    Sarah Palin’s Viewership Dives With Second Episode of AlaskaAfter a big debut, the show lost young people.
  31. america's sweetheart
    And Now, Watch Sarah Palin Smack a Giant Fish in the HeadAll that and more from last night’s ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’!
  32. america's sweetheart
    Premiere of Sarah Palin’s Alaska Breaks TLC Record With Nearly 5 Million ViewersTake that, ‘What Not To Wear.’
  33. america's sweetheart
    Sarah Palin’s Alaska Is Big (and Small)“You can see Russia from here! Almost.”
  34. mama grizzlies
    TLC Releases the Trailer for Sarah Palin’s New Reality ShowThe former governor of Alaska grunts, “why can’t we have some TRANQUILLITY?” as she watches two bears fight in a stream.
  35. stupid crime of the day
    New York’s Most Crooked Cabby: The TLC Is ‘Like Pontius Pilate’What does that even mean?
  36. must-see tv
    Sister Wives: ‘We Don’t Do Weird’Watch a clip from TLC’s new show, in which orgies, but not polygamy, are weird.
  37. tv
    Watch the Trailer for TLC’s Polygamy Reality Show, Sister WivesIt’s like ‘Big Love,’ but real, and the man has weirder hair.
  38. baby drama
    Sextuplet TV Show Descending on New YorkTLC’s ‘Sextuplets Take New York’ starts September 14.
  39. vulture lists
    6 Categories of Medical-Oddity TelevisionFrom tiny people to giant people and everything in between. Also, Tree Man!
  40. TV Land
    TV Shows Focus on Philly FoodFlying Monkey and Lolita will both be featured on the Food Network tonight.
  41. america's sweetheart
    The Sarah Palin Reality Show Will Be the Anti–Real HousewivesWe’re sticking with Team Bethenny. That’s always been a safe bet.
  42. tv
    Extreme Poodles Trailer: TLC Outdoes ItselfSo, tranquilizers? Is that how this works?
  43. tlc
    TLC Will Air Sarah Palin Reality ShowNetwork “wins” ‘Alaska’ prize.
  44. TV Land
    Little Cakes, Big WorldThe inevitable cupcake reality show is in production.
  45. the industry
    Bryan Cranston Is on His Way to MarsPlus: Leonardo DiCaprio is headed to space, too!
  46. TV Land
    Chicago Diner’s Radical Reuben Gets the TLC TreatmentA TLC food show is featuring the vegan sandwich - is Art Smith the host?
  47. Food TV
    A Little Much?’Little Chocolatiers’ airs on TLC next week.
  48. the industry
    Joshua Jackson to Protect Earth from Organ-Harvesting AliensPlus: Chris Weitz! Werewolves! Cooking!
  49. home scary network
    Badgley Mischka to Do HSN Line; HSN to Do Reality TVThe show will be on TLC, naturally.
  50. the industry
    Stephen King Puts a Curse on Your TelevisionPlus: A new member for the ‘CSI: Miami’ crew.
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